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Evapourites and Dissolution

18 April 2013
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Lecture, Evening Meeting
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North West Regional Group
Williamson Lecture Theatre, Manchester University, Oxford Road, Manchester
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As Queen Elizabeth II ascended the throne, an Act of Parliament was passed which expanded the provisions of the Brine Pumping (Compensation for Subsidence) Act 1891 from its focus on Northwich to create a Compensation District which encompassed most of Cheshire. The uniqueness of the Act and its provisions is related to the uniqueness of the geology of the Cheshire Basin, and the industry which developed as a result of the presence of one mineral, halite or rocksalt.

Beginning with an overview of the geological setting of the Cheshire Basin, we will take you through the history and development of the Salt Industry in Cheshire, the practices of which led to the formation of the Northwich Compensation Board and eventual lobbying for expansion to other parts of Cheshire. Whilst the salt
extraction industry looks very different today, the Board retains statutory powers which can affect development proposals within the Compensation District and exercises them in order to ensure stability issues relating to rocksalt extraction are addressed.

Since May 2006, the day-to-day operations of the Board have been discharged by Wardell Armstrong LLP. The Surveyor to the Board is a statutory position and is held by David Wilshaw, who will be making this presentation, with the assistance of Pauline Cooke, the Board’s Administrator.


David Wilshaw


6:15pm for 6:30pm start.


Convenor Contact

Nik Reynolds

Geological Society North West Regional Group