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What does it include?


The Lyell Collection featured journals have all been captured back to their launch issues.

The electronic versions will be enhanced to include not only a PDF version of each paper, but also fully linked references enabling users to navigate from the journal article to other cited references (if these cited references are part of GeoScienceWorld or are hosted online by HighWire Press, users will receive access to the full text free of charge).

All recent articles will be available in HTML format as well as PDF.

All new issues will be available online immediately upon publication.

Contact the Membership Department for costs and to add or amend membership journals.

Special Publications

Special Publications are the Geological Society’s flagship series.

All new volumes will be added to the collection as they are published.

Contact the Membership Department to subscribe to the Full Book Collection.

Please see the Publications Catalogues for a full list of book titles listed on the Lyell Collection.

Key book series

The content of the Engineering Geology Special Publications, Geological Society Memoirs and Petroleum Geology Conference series was included from 2010. These titles are only available to libraries subscribing to the Lyell Collection Complete package or Fellows of the Society. (Fellows: access to books published in the current or three previous calendar years is only available with a Full Book Collection subscription).

Will more content be added?

Each new journal issue, Special Publication volume or key book title will be added to the Lyell Collection ahead of print publication to ensure the Collection is kept fully relevant and up-to-date. The Geological Society also plans to add further journal and book series as the Lyell Collection develops.

In all, around 8000 pages of new peer-reviewed Earth science content will be added each year.

How is the content structured?

Geological Society journals and Special Publications comprise illustrated peer-reviewed articles with an introductory abstract and full reference list of cited material. These elements are all captured within the Lyell Collection, with abstracts and key bibliographic information being freely available to the public. Where key book titles are published in chapter format a specially created extract for each chapter is available in place of the abstract.

In addition to published articles, preliminary pages, introductions and covers have been captured for Special Publications and book titles, and historical editorial material captured for the older 20th and 19th century JGS volumes.

References are all actively linked to cited sources allowing easy navigation from one article to another.

In what form is content held?

All content published before its launch of the Lyell Collection is available as PDF files. These PDFs were scanned from original printed pages and although every effort has been made to maintain quality this process is far from ideal for capturing the finer detail of older or complex illustrations. Nevertheless, by carefully balancing the requirement for high quality with the need for manageable file sizes (and, therefore, download times) the Society believes it has struck the right balance. Please do be mindful, however, that on rare occasion it may be necessary to supplement digital artwork with original hard copy artwork sourced via your library.

All journal content generated after 2001, and all Special Publication and book content generated after May 2007 is “born digital” and is presented as high quality PDFs as well as full text HTML files with embedded links.

All content, from 1811 to current day, is accompanied by header data (authorship, affiliation and abstract) and by electronically captured and actively linked references. These references allow the user to navigate from each reference to any electronic version available on HighWire Press, or hosted elsewhere. If hosted elsewhere, full-text access will depend on the users access entitlements.