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Access FAQs for GSL members

More information is provided on the Access for Fellows page.

If you are also a member of EAGE, Association of Applied Geochemists, Edinburgh Geological Society, Geological Society of Glasgow, Yorkshire Geological Society, Micropalaeontological Society or PESGB please see the FAQ for other membership types

Please see the Lyell Collection site help page for technical assistance.


What is my Lyell Collection username and/or password?

All Fellows are pre-registered on the Lyell Collection so you do not need to activate your access. New members are issued a username and password by the membership office for the Society site and Lyell Collection site when the application process is completed (please allow 7 to 14 days).

Once logged in on the Society site Fellows can navigate between the Society site and the Lyell Collection site without logging in again. On the Society site go to the Lyell Collection page in the Publications section and click on the yellow “Visit the Lyell Collection” button. You should see your name in the brown bar at the top of the page confirming you are recognized. To return to the Society site from the Lyell Collection homepage click on “Geological Society” (under the search box).

If you forget your Lyell Collection site login details, please go to Forgot your user name or password?  Enter your membership number as the subscriber id number and click “Send Request” (please omit any letters or initial zeros from your membership number, e.g. DZ0002587 should be entered as 2587). Please complete your email address* and click “Yes, please reset the password for [name]”

Your current username and a new password will be emailed by the site host immediately, however, this could take a few minutes depending on your network connection. When you try the new password you should see your name in the brown bar at the top of the page confirming you are recognized. There may be a delay in the new password working, depending on when you re-set it: if you are trying this during the afternoon US West Coast time, it could take up to 30 minutes until the system recognizes the new password. Our advice if to keep trying the new password until it recognizes it; please do not re-set the password again.

*If your email address has changed (or the address on the screen is “”) please contact the site host (Feedback). Complete your name and your current email address and include your membership number with a request for your username and password in the comments box. Feedback queries are answered by the site host HighWire Press in the USA.

Please note that the two websites and are maintained separately. If you update your login details or user information on one of them, they will not automatically be updated on the other.

I am recognized by the Lyell Collection site, but I am prompted again for a username and password when I try to view or download an article

If you have recently changed your journal option, or upgraded to the Full Book Collection, please allow 7 to 14 days for the amendment to be made to your access record. 

Please read through the details below to check your access entitlements. If you cannot access content you are entitled to as part of your GSL membership please contact us for assistance.

Access to journal content

Fellows can view and download articles from JGS, QJEGH, PG or GEEA (when they subscribe to the relevant journal). Fellows receive one free subscription to a Society journal option of their choice:

  1. Journal of the Geological Society (JGS, 1971 to present; QJGS, 1845 to 1970) and Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology (QJEGH)
  2. Geochemistry: Exploration, Environment, Analysis (GEEA)
  3. Petroleum Geoscience (PG)

Fellows can also choose to subscribe to another Society journal option for an annual fee. Please see the membership fees page for current rates.

Please note: The Proceedings of the Yorkshire Geological Society, Scottish Journal of Geology and Journal of Micropalaeontology are also available via the Lyell Collection. These are not GSL journals. Fellows can access content of the relevant journal by using pay-per-view, purchasing a non-member subscription or by joining the relevant membership organisation. YGS for the Proceedings, GSG or EGS for the Scottish Journal or the Micropalaeontological Society for the Journal of Micropalaeontology. Each membership organisation will require a separate username and password to access the relevant content.

Access to book content

The Book Archive provides Fellows with access to GSL book content on the Lyell Collection (Special Publications, Memoirs and Engineering Geology Special Publications) published prior to the current and three previous calendar years. For 2017 this includes access to book content published in 2013 and earlier.

Fellows can purchase an annual subscription to the Full Book Collection which extends electronic access to all GSL book titles (from the date of publication, including Special Publication Online First articles). Please note: The Petroleum Geology Conference series content and PGC8 Online First articles are not included in a Full Book Collection subscription as this series is published on behalf of PGC Ltd. No journal content is included in a Full Book Collection subscription.

For a full list of the book titles on the Lyell Collection and their direct links please see the Catalogues page.

The fees for access to additional Society journals and the Full Book Collection are listed here - Membership Fees. To amend your membership options please login to MyGSL or email the membership department. Articles from the Full Book Collection (published in current or three previous calendar years) or journals to which the fellow does not subscribe can also be purchased using pay-per-view at US$30.00 per article (purchased articles are available for download for 24 hours) or from the Society Library (please contact the Library for current pricing).


Can I receive print copies of my membership journal(s)?

The default option is online only. Please see your renewal form for details on how upgrade to receive print copies or contact the membership department.


Will I be notified when a new issue of the journal is published in the Lyell Collection?

Please sign up to receive email alerts for new issue publication by following the instructions on the Online Journal Alerts page. This page also includes how to amend your alerts selection or email address.


What is Online First?

Online First enables articles to appear online soon after they have been accepted for publication and ahead of the printed volume or issue.

To access journal Online First articles Fellows must have a subscription to the relevant journal.

To access Special Publication Online First articles Fellows must have a subscription to the Full Book Collection.


What is Open Access?  

The Geological Society publishes Open Access articles which are free to all and are designated by an Open Access logo.  

My organisation is a Corporate Affiliate member of the Geological Society of London – do we receive access to Lyell Collection content?

Access to Lyell Collection content is not included with a Corporate Affiliate membership. Please use pay-per-view or recommend the purchase of an annual corporate or institutional subscription.

How do I recommend a subscription to the titles in the Lyell Collection to my company, institution or library?

If you would like to recommend a subscription to a journal, book series or the full Lyell Collection, please complete the Journal and book recommendation form.

The Lyell Collection

Journal recommendation form

If you would like to recommend that your library subscribes to a Geological Society journal or book, please complete the Journal and book recommendation form