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JM Subscription Rates

ISSN: 0262-821X, 2 parts

The Journal of Micropalaeontology is available online via the Lyell Collection.

Non-member subscribers or members of the Micropalaeontology Society are able to access content.

GSL members can access content by using pay-per-view, purchasing a non-member subscription or by joining TMS.

For non-member subscription rates please see Lyell Collection prices. To order the Lyell Collection or individual journal titles, or request further information or a free trial, please contact us.

Access activation instructions for TMS members

  • To activate your access go to the subscription activation page and enter your subscriber ID number in the bottom right hand box and then click Submit.
  • The subscriber ID is your membership number with the prefix TMS (e.g. TMS0999). (Ignore the reference to "Institutional Subscription Access" at the top, and to a "payment confirmation letter").
  • Follow the instructions on the next screen and complete parts A and B. In part B, you will need to set your own username and password, which you will use when you next login to the JM site in the Lyell Collection to browse the JM archive.
Please contact the TMS membership secretary if you do not have your membership number.

Access FAQs.

TMS members can also purchase TMS titles and selected GSL titles at a discounted rate through the online bookshop. Please see the bookshop help page for details.