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Geofacets-GSL Millennium Edition Tutorials

Webinar: Introducing Geofacets - GSL Millennium Edition

Geofacets - GSL Millennium Edition Tutorials: Introduction

Tutorial 1: Accessing Geofacets

Tutorial 2: Finding Maps based on Location

Tutorial 3: Finding Maps & Analogues using Keywords and Phrases

Tutorial 4: Using Map Search Filters & Analysing Individual Maps

Tutorial 5: Integrating Maps into GIS

Tutorial 6: Importing Maps into Google Earth (KMZ Files)

Tutorials: Conclusion

GSL Geofacets Offer

Use search features designed for Geoscientists

  • Search for map content via the interactive map interface.
  • Use geo-based search facets to refine results by map type, surface area and geological basin.
  • Use advanced keyword search to search for specific terms, geological deposit models or analogs.  

Fellows, you can subscribe to Geofacets-GSL ME when renewing your Fellowship or if you have already renewed you can still update your product subscriptions under MyGSL Fellowship Renewals panel.

Geofacets-GSL ME is now available.