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Submission System for GSL Special Publications

SPs using the OLD system – please submit your paper to:
Note that our old system cannot accept Latex or Zip files

Advances in the Characterization of Ore-Forming Systems from Geological, Geochemical and Geophysical Data
Circum-Arctic Lithosphere Evolution
Crustal Evolution of India and Antarctica
Earth System Evolution and Early Life: a Celebration of the Work of Martin Brasier
Exploration of Subsurface Antarctica
Geochemistry and Geophysics of Active Volcanic Lakes
Geohazards in Indonesia
Geological Evolution of Central Asian Basins and the Western Tien Shan Range
Geology and Geomorphology of Alluvial and Fluvial Fans
Geology and Medicine: Historical Connections
Geomechanical and Petrophysical Properties of Mudrocks
Geomechanics and Geology
Large Igneous Provinces from Gondwana and Adjacent Regions
Monogenetic Volcanoes
New Perspectives on Pterosaur Palaeobiology
Petroleum Geology of the Black Sea
Radioactive Waste Confinement: Clays in Natural and Engineered Barriers
Radon, Health and Natural Hazards
Reservoir Quality of Clastic and Carbonate Rocks
Sedimentology of Paralic Reservoirs
Subseismic-Scale Reservoir Deformation
Tectonics of the Deccan Large Igneous Province
The Geometry and Growth of Normal Faults
The Himalayan Cryosphere: Past and Present
The NE Atlantic Region
The Permian Timescale
Tsunamis: Geology, Hazard and Risk

All other SPs will use the new system:

You need an invitation from the editor to submit to that site.

Contact your Volume Editors or the GSL Commissioning Editor for more information: