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Information for Sponsors

All applicants for CGeol and CSci are required to have two professionally qualified Sponsors who have first-hand knowledge of their work and professional standing. For CGeol applicants both Sponsors are preferably CGeols. We accept other professional qualifications such as CEng, and various ones from overseas professional bodies, provided that this is agreed with the Society in advance. For CSci one of the Sponsors must hold the CSci title.

The importance of the Sponsors being professionally qualified is that they must be able to give their professional opinion of the applicant’s competencies and be able to advise them as to whether they are ready for Chartership as opposed to just being eligible to apply. Their guidance is crucial in ensuring that the applicant has the best chance of success with their application. If you think that the applicant is not yet ready for Chartership we expect that you will tell them so and hope that you will then help them to gain the additional experience or understanding necessary for a successful application.

Should an applicant that you have sponsored be deferred it is important that they discuss with you the notes and advice that they receive from their Scrutineers in order to maximise their chances of success with a further application.

Sponsors are asked to complete an assessment report form in which they comment on the applicant’s experience, knowledge and abilities against the 7 Chartership Competency criteria (see More Information).

For completeness also provided are copies of the Society’s relevant regulations.

We also encourage Sponsors to review the Forms and Guidance provided to Applicants and Scrutineers:


Information for Applicants

Everything you need to know to begin your journey towards accreditation as a Chartered Geologist (CGeol) or Chartered Scientist (CSci).


Information for Scrutineers

Scrutineers are Chartered Geologists or Chartered Scientists who have sufficient experience to enable them to help us assess new applications for Chartered status.

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Apply to be a Scrutineer

Sponsors with CGeol and/or CSci are encouraged to apply to join the panel of Scrutineers if they have more than 5 years’ post-Chartership experience or have a considerable number of years pre-Chartership experience.

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If you have any questions about sponsoring a Chartership application, please send us an email.