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The Step-By-Step Guide to Your Chartership Application

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Step 9: Your Interview

The interview is scheduled for a maximum of 2 hours, starting with your 15 minute presentation. Following the interview your Scrutineers will prepare a report with a recommendation for the Chartership Committee. The names of all those gaining positive recommendations are passed to the Council for election.

You should go into the interview with a positive state of mind as you already have two Sponsors who believe that you are ready for Chartership and the Scrutineers have agreed following a pre-interview assessment that your application is worthy of an interview. The interview should be a pleasant and positive experience although you should be prepared for searching questions. Remember that the Scrutineers are looking to determine what you know and how you are using your geoscience/science knowledge in your work and are not specifically looking for what you don’t know. Be confident and show your enthusiasm for and in-depth knowledge of any work that you describe.

In all instances remember that you are applying for CGeol/CSci and so stick to demonstrating your geoscientific/scientific competencies rather than your competency to do your job which might involve other things.

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