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The Step-By-Step Guide to Your Chartership Application

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Step 7: Submit Your Application

Please send your application in electronic format by email or (password: cgeol) to or alternatively post it, either on a USB Flash Drive  or disk, to:

Janine Benn

Administrative Fellowship Secretary

The Geological Society

Burlington House



Please check to ensure that your submission comprises the following in electronic format:

  • Completed Application Form (AD1)
  • Professional Report (AD2) (with the required signatures)
  • Overview of Chartership Criteria (AD3)
  • CPD records (AD4)
  • Supporting Documents with appropriate cover notes (SD 1-6)

A check list is provided at the end of the application form to ensure that this is done.

The two Sponsors’ Statement Forms (AD5) should be sent directly to the Society by your Sponsors, but remember that it is your responsibility to ensure that these are sent.

On receipt of your application an acknowledgement will be sent. If your application is incomplete for any reason this may result in your interview being postponed to a later date.

As soon as possible after the submission date we will let you know the venue, time and date for your interview along with the names and affiliations of your Scrutineers. Do not book time off or make travel arrangements until we have confirmed that your interview will go ahead.

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