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The Step-By-Step Guide to Your Chartership Application

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Step 4: Which Area of Geoscience / Science?

You are applying to become Chartered as a Geologist or Scientist (or both) for those areas in which you work and have experience and competency. Your Chartership will cover the specific area or areas in which you practise and are competent, and not geoscience or science as a whole. Should you start working outside this area then you need to be supervised by a competent person or gain competency in that area through additional training.

The Application Form asks you to indicate up to 3 fields in which you practice your professional geoscience/science and to rank them from 1 to 3, with 1 being the most important. This information is used by the Chartership Officer solely for the selection of appropriately experienced Scrutineers for your interview.

We also ask that you describe the area of geoscience/science for which you are claiming competency. It is this area for which you will be assessed for Chartership, and your Scrutineers will investigate where you recognise the boundaries of your competency. You should discuss this with your Sponsors, as they will also be expected to give their opinion of your competency in this area of geoscience/science.

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