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The Step-By-Step Guide to Your Chartership Application

Step 1: Which Chartership?

Chartered Geologist is appropriate for those Fellows who are practising professional geoscientists and for whom geoscientific knowledge is an essential element for their work.

Chartered Scientist is appropriate for those practising as professional scientists where scientific knowledge is essential for their work. Those Fellows with geoscience degrees whose work is now in science but only peripherally requiring geoscientific knowledge are best suited to the CSci title.

Many Fellows, who are eligible for CGeol, will also be eligible to apply for CSci and might consider an application for both and be validated for both at the same time. The Society also has a procedure also for those gaining one title to apply for the other retrospectively without the need for a second interview (see More Information).

The decision as to which title to apply for is best taken with advice from your Sponsors or your Mentor. The Chartership Officer is also available to discuss any questions you may have and to advise on this.

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