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The Step-By-Step Guide to Your Chartership Application

Simply click on each of the steps below to find information and guidance on each stage of the application process.

1.  Which Chartership?

First you need to decide whether to apply to be a Chartered Geologist (CGeol), Chartered Scientist (CSci) or Chartered European Geologist (EurGeol).

2.  Find Your Sponsors

You need to find two sponsors, normally Chartered Geologists or Chartered Scientists, who will support your application.

3.  Select An Interview Date

You need to book your interview date early as this will set the timetable for completing your application.

4.  Which Area of Geoscience / Science?

You should agree with your sponsors in which area of geology / geoscience you want your competencies to be assessed.

5.  Prepare Your Application

Now you need to put together your application, including your professional statement, and gather your supporting documents.

6.  Sponsors’ Statements

Next you need to ask your sponsors to review your application and email their supporting statements to the Fellowship Office.

7.  Submit Your Application

Send us your completed application, supporting documents and unopened sponsors’ statements by the relevant deadline for your chosen interview date.

8.  Prepare For Your Interview

Now is the time to prepare the 15 minute presentation you will need to give during your Chartership interview.

9.  Your Interview

You will be interviewed by two scrutineers. The interview should last no more than two hours including your prepared presentation. 

10.  What Happens Next?

Your scrutineers will make a recommendation to the Chartership panel based on your application, supporting documents, sponsors’ statements and the interview. 

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Are you eligible to apply?

You must be a Fellow of the Geological Society before you can apply for Chartership.

You will also need a degree in geoscience/science, plus a certain number of years' professional experience.  To find out how many years' experience you need, read the eligibility criteria below.

Information for Applicants with 20+ Years' Experience.

Do you meet the competency criteria for Chartership?

You will need to demonstrate that you meet all the relevant competencies for your chosen Chartership route.

Do you have a record of your CPD activity for at least the last year?

You need to demonstrate your commitment to an appropriate programme of Continuous Professional Development (CPD), including a record of your CPD activity for at least the last year.

Contact us

If you have a question about applying for validation as a Chartered Geologist or Chartered Scientist, please send us an email.