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2017 CPD Scheme

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is a way for professional geologists to maintain and develop the standards of technical and professional competence required for their work. As well as broadening your knowledge, CPD gives assurance to your employers, and to society in general, that you are professionally competent.

For 2017 the Society is launching a redesigned CPD scheme.

The Society's system for CPD was introduced many years ago, and was based on a weighted points system which is now outdated. A complete redesign has been undertaken, to bring it into the 21st century and with the aim to provide a recording system that is wider ranging, useful as part of a professional portfolio, more flexible, and easier to use.

The 2017 Scheme is a significant departure from the previous GSL scheme for CPD, with a much broader comprehension of CPD in place and wider range of topics admissible as CPD activities.

The new system will be:

  • Solely time based - a system based on hours, no longer a weighted points-based system
  • More simple - easier to understand and use
  • More encompassing -  a greater number of activities are included
  • Re-categorised - there will be six main categories of activities.

With the new system, CPD planning and recording will be required for all Chartered Fellows (ie, for Fellows with CGeol and, or, CSci) and for Fellows aspiring to Chartership. Undertaking and recording CPD is also very strongly advised for other Fellows who are professionally active. 

As before, CPD is a recursive, reflective system of: plan → act → reflect based on experiential learning 

Why the change

Our existing CPD system has been unchanged for 16 years, it is inflexible and based on a confusing points-based system. An update is long over due to move away from the complicated and widely disliked online recording system.