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A look at the career path of a working Chartered Geologist.

Accredited Training Schemes

Accreditation of Company Training Schemes extends the Geological Society’s engagement with formal professional development.

The Society now accredits almost all UK and some overseas undergraduate programmes, and a small number of MSc programmes.

Participation in an accredited degree programme or an Accredited Company Training Scheme offers the opportunity for suitably experienced candidates to be eligible to apply for Chartered status earlier than others, because accredited training is designed to optimise the acquisition of professional skills and experience.




Chartership is more than just a title, it is a community.

By being a mentor, sharing your experience and expertise, you can support a Geologist towards Chartership.

25 Years of Chartership

25 Y Chartership Banner

In 1990, the Society took on many of the activities of the former Institution of Geologists and created a professional grade of membership, Chartered Geologist with the post nominal ‘CGeol’.  This year in September marks the quarter century anniversary of the introduction of this title.

Chartership 25 Logo

There were 608 Chartered Geologists elected in the first cohort, and over the last 25 years the numbers have steadily grown and now total 2500. The rigour in the process for assessing applications for Chartership ensures that the quality of applicants nominated for validation is of the highest standard. As a result, the Chartered Geologist title is now widely recognised and respected in the UK and a number of other countries and it is attracting an increasing number of applicants.

Marking the Event

Institute of Geologists Medal with professional woman

Celebrating 25 years of Chartership at the Geological Society

Date: 28 September 2015
Venue: Burlington House, London

Talks by John Mather and Paul Younger



A Chartership Lapel Pin

The Society has produced a design for a lapel pin.

This will be available for all CGeols once produced and distributed by the Regional Groups.

Discussions with the Science Council are on-going with regards to a CSci pin.

What is Chartership About?

Looking back at where Chartership began and the process of gaining a Professional title today.

Rick Brassington and the IG Medal and plaqueThe History of Chartership: The Institute of Geologists (IG)

During its comparatively brief existence, the IG was able to claim many achievements with the most notable being: a process for the professional validation of geologists; a system of regional groups; external relations with government, industry and other professional bodies; being a founder member of the European Federation of Geologists; and the publication of a house magazine and The Geologist’s Directory.

The history of the Institution is therefore an important part of the Society’s recent history that has resulted in the modern, high profile organisation the Society has now become.

GGeol LogoThe Professional Titles

The Geological Society of London is the recognised UK professional body for Geoscientists. It awards the professional title of Chartered Geologist (post nominal CGeol) and is licensed by the Science Council to award the title of Chartered Scientist (post nominal CSci).

Find out about the process of becoming Chartered


Geoscientist Articles on Chartership

Chartership News

CGeol at 25

Tracey Radford and David Shilston, Chartered Geologists, Atkins Ltd., take an engineering geological perspective

' the engineering geology sector, CGeol has become the sign of a properly trained professional, and is on a par with the chartership of the other professions with which we work – architects, civil-structural engineers, ecologists, accountants.  Chartership is now very much the norm and appears high on the bucket list of goals and ambitions to be achieved by graduates in our industry....

Chartership and the Environment Sector

When it comes to achieving Chartered status, Matt Whitehead* believes the question is not ‘why’, but ‘why not?’…

'Chartership is not only a measure of personal success and recognition in your chosen field, it is also a necessary pre-requisite for participating in certain business activities. Now more than ever, the Environment Sector needs capable people backed by a strong code of professional ethics. Given the current challenges we face (both economically and environmentally) we need Chartered people in both public and private sector organisations to be...'

25 Years of CGeol

Edmund NicklessEdmund Nickless, Executive Secretary, on the first quarter century of Chartership

How I became a CGeol

Rick Brassington, newly elected Council member, describes how he became chartered in the early days of the ‘Institution of Geologists’.

New Brochure

Chartership brochure cover

Chartership Events

Apply for membership

There are events through out the year relating to Chartership. From Regional Group meetings that provide more information on the process, to presentations at our annual Careers Days.

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