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Special issues - May 2016

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Thematic special issues from e-journals which the Library provides offsite access to for Fellows using 'Athens' logins are listed below. Open Access special issues which require no passwords are also listed.

Journal of South American earth sciencesGranite magmatism in Brazil

Journal of South American earth sciences vol.68 Pages 1-282 (July 2016)
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This special issue contains a set of 14 contributions presented at the 8th Hutton Symposium on Granites and Related Rocks held in Brazil in 2015. These offer a comprehensive picture of current research on Brazilian granites. The massive participation of the Brazilian community expressed the important advances in the study of Brazilian granites that have occurred in recent years.

Geologia CroaticaThe Alpine Wilson cycle and NW Tethyan Metallogeny

Geologia Croatica vol.69 number 1 Pages 1-173 (February 2016)
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This issue is a selection of papers on the genesis of ore deposits in the NW Tethyan domain from the Alps, Dinarides, Carpathians and Hellenides. These papers cover a synthesis of regional geology, petrology, and geochemistry, serving as a ground for modelling the genesis of ore deposits. They give an overview of the phases of the Wilson cycle in the evolution of the NW Tethyan metallogeny, from incipient rifting to the collision of Gondwana and Eurasia.

Quaternary internationalHuman Occupations of Mountain Environments (HOME)

Quaternary international vol.402 Pages 1-128 (26 May 2016)
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This special issue contains papers presented during session A6a at the last IUPPS conference (XVII: Burgos, Spain, 1–7 September 2014). This session was organised by the Human Occupations in Mountain Environments (HOME) commission of the International Union of Prehistoric and Protohistoric Science.

Earth sciences historyWilliam Smith Map Bicentenary Meeting

Earth sciences history vol.35 number 1 Pages 1-236 (2016)
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2015 marked the bicentenary of the 1815 publication by William Smith of his geological map in 15 large sheets accompanied by A Memoir to the Map and Delineation of the Strata of England and Wales, With Part of Scotland. A two day conference entitled 200 Years of Smith’s Map organized by the History of Geology Group (HOGG) of the Geological Society was held on 23-24th April 2015. Many of the presentations given at the conference appear in full in this special issue. The papers in this special edition provide a fascinating analysis of William Smith the man, the geologist and the engineer.

Hydrogeology journalLand subsidence processes

Hydrogeology journal vol.24 issue 3 Pages 547-747(May 2016)
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The 14 articles in this theme issue address several of the subsidence processes where human use of natural resources and climate variability have combined to create critical anthropogenic land subsidence problems. These cover oxidation and consolidation of organic soils (three articles), dissolution and collapse of carbonate and evaporite rocks (karst) (three articles), thawing permafrost (thermokarst) (one article) and aquifer-system compaction (seven articles).

Sedimentary geologyAncient ice streams and their megalineated beds

Sedimentary geology vol.338 Pages 1-138 (1 June 2016)
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‘Modern and ancient ice streams and their megalineated beds’ was the theme of a one day meeting held in Montreal in May 2015 as part of the Joint Assembly of the American Geophysical Union, the Geological Association of Canada, the Canadian Geophysical Union and the Mineralogical Association of Canada. It brought together people who work on modern and ancient MSGLs from a wide variety of perspectives and approaches. This special issue includes seven papers illustrating the wide range of topics presented at the meeting.

Quaternary internationalImplications for Late Quaternary sea level changes on the Mediterranean and Black Sea Coasts - MEDBLACKS2014

Quaternary international vol.401 Pages 1-194 (16 May 2016)
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This special volume contains 15 selected papers that were presented at the international workshop entitled “Implications for Late Quaternary Sea Level Changes on the Mediterranean and Black Sea Coasts – MEDBLACKS2014” in 2014.

Quaternary internationalPeking Man and related studies

Quaternary international vol.400 Pages 1-226 (2 May 2016)
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To mark the 85th anniversary of the discovery of the first Homo erectus skull from Locality 1 at Zhoukoudian, IVPP hosted an international conference on Zhoukoudian and related studies in October, 2014. The papers resulting from that conference are contained in this special issue.

Comptes rendus geoscienceFrom rifting to mountain building: the Pyrenean Belt

Comptes rendus geoscience vol.348 issue 3-4 Pages 169-342 (March-April 2016)
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Most of the papers in this special issue are open access. These cover the impact of gravity forces and topography denudation; postorogenic planar palaeosurfaces; peneplanation and lithosphere dynamics; stratigraphic and tectonic studies; timing of Eocene-Miocene thrust activity; mantle exhumation; fluid generation; Pb-Zn mineralization; and basin evolution.

Comptes rendus geoscienceFrom past to current tectonics

Comptes rendus geoscience vol.348 issue 1 Pages 1-88 (January 2016)
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The nine papers brought together in this issue provide new insights into some important tectonic features: subduction zones, continental (especially strike-slip) faults, large earthquakes, and interseismic deformation. All of the papers in this special issue are open access.

Geoscience frontiersGiant mineral deposits

Geoscience frontiers vol.7 issue 3 Pages 299-542 (May 2016)
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This special issue assembles thirteen papers that address the geological, structural, geochronological, tectonic and genetic aspects of some of the giant to world-class mineral deposits across the world, with special emphasis on Asia where many giant ore systems are relatively poorly documented in the literature.

Marine geologyCascading dense water flow and its impact on the sea floor in the Adriatic and Aegean Sea, Eastern Mediterranean

Marine geology vol.375 Pages 1-160 (1 May 2016)
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The present special issue reports results from the impact of a major cold air outbreak on the formation of dense shelf water in the Adriatic. This occurred in February 2012, when the European region experienced a 2 weeks severe cold spell that heavily impacted the Northern Adriatic. This cold spell was accompanied by the onset of severe north-easterly Bora winds, blowing almost continuously, and being intermittently reinforced by cyclogenesis in the western Mediterranean. A significant heat loss took place in the basin and a substantial decrease of Adriatic surface temperature down to temperatures as low as 3–6 °C while the shallow Lagoon of Venice partially froze. The cold outbreak, the severe cold and dry Bora flow, accompanied by the very limited discharge of the Po River in the preceding autumn, caused the formation of extremely dense shelf water.

Journal of geodynamicsSubduction and orogeny

Journal of geodynamics vol.96 Pages 1-194 (May 2016)
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This special issue focuses on ongoing research in subduction dynamics to a large extent (oceanic subduction, continental subduction, obduction…) for both past and active subduction zones and into mountain building processes and the early evolution of orogens. It puts together various approaches combining geophysics (imaging of subduction zones), petrology/geochemistry (metamorphic analysis of HP-UHP rocks, fluid geochemistry and magmatic signal, geochronology), seismology and geodesy (present-day evolution of subduction zones, active tectonics), structural geology (structure and evolution of mountain belts), and numerical modelling to provide a full spectrum of tools that can be used to constrain the nature and evolution of subduction processes and orogeny. Studies presented in this special issue range from the long-term (orogenic cycle) to short-term (seismic cycle).

Sedimentary geologySediment generation and provenance: processes and pathways

Sedimentary geology vol.336 Pages 1-196 (1 May 2016)
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This special issue is derived from the 2nd meeting of the Working Group on Sediment Generation (WGSG), held in June 2014. The meeting hosted scientists from a broad range of disciplines and included a variety of topics related to provenance analysis and data treatment, contributions focused on detrital geochronology, sediment budgets and applied geomorphology.

Computers & geosciencesUncertainty and sensitivity in surface dynamics modeling

Computers & geosciences vol.90 part B Pages 1-172 (May 2016)
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Each of the 14 special issue papers discuss progress made in-or applications of-uncertainty and /or sensitivity analyses in a broad field of earth-surface dynamics modeling. Five papers focus on model sensitivity, five papers discuss uncertainties in modeling, and four papers discuss both model sensitivity analysis and uncertainties. These papers were submitted as a result of the 2014 annual meeting of the Community Surface Dynamics Modeling System or CSDMS.

Report. Geological Survey of Western Australia 156Integrated spectral mapping of precious and base metal related mineral footprints, Nanjilgardy Fault, Western Australia

Report. Geological Survey of Western Australia vol.156 Pages 1-224 (2016)
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This report contains details of the mineralization of Nanjilgardy Fault in the northern margin of the Ashburton Basin (Capricorn Orogen, Western Australia). Four gold mineralization types and associated alteration patterns were identified at the Mt Olympus deposit using HyLogger-3 mineralogical data.

Report. Geological Survey of Western Australia 155Unravelling the upper-amphibolite facies Glenburgh gold deposit, Gascoyne Province — evidence for metamorphosed mineralization

Report. Geological Survey of Western Australia vol.155 Pages 1-44 (2016)
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This report contains evidence from field mapping, visual and hyperspectral logging of drill samples, thin-section petrography, gold-microstructure analysis and zircon U–Pb geochronology of the Zone 126 and Icon lodes at the Glenburgh deposit demonstrating that this is a metamorphosed gold deposit.

Quaternary internationalKukla Loessfest

Quaternary international vol.399 Pages 1-246 (18 April 2016)
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Twenty-three papers derived from the Kukla Loessfest in 2014. This was the 7th Loess Seminar of the INQUA Loess Focus Group.