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Special issues - June 2016

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Thematic special issues from e-journals which the Library provides offsite access to for Fellows using 'Athens' logins are listed below. Open Access special issues which require no passwords are also listed.

Rock mechanics and rock engineeringDeep-seated landslides

Rock mechanics and rock engineering vol.49 issue 6 Pages 2187-2539 (June 2016)
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Topics covered in this special issue include descriptions of selected landslides in different countries; descriptions of different types of landslides; analysis of slow-moving landslides interacting with inhabited areas and infrastructure such as tunnels; discussion of hydromechanical cycling, progressive failure and fatigue phenomena; advances in the modeling of flow-like landslides and rock avalanches as a key component of landslides risk assessment and management; the stability conditions and the post-failure behaviour of a complex landslide with geometry inspired by representative cross sections of the Vajont landslide; specific advanced research topics dealing with the Vajont deep-seated landslide; and the study of seismic effects on deep-seated landslides.

Marine geologyThe contourite log-book: significance for palaeoceanography, ecosystems and slope instability

Marine geology vol.378 Pages 1-374 (1 August 2016)
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23 papers highlighting the main findings of the 2nd Deep-Water Circulation (2DWC) congress. These are organized under the following topics, the influence of contourite sedimentation on slope (in)stability (IGCP-585); coupling between oceanographic processes and contourite sedimentation; contourite processes and deep-water ecosystems; and advances in diagnostic criteria of contourite systems.

Revue de micropaléontologieOstracides and (paleo)environments. Part 2

Revue de micropaléontologie vol.59 no.2 Pages 81-224 (April-June 2016)
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This volume follows Revue de Micropaleontologie vol.58 no.4 and is derived from the ROLF meeting held in Perpignan in 2014. It contains papers on the distribution of ostracoda and benthic foraminifera in the East-Corsica basin correlated to climate changes; a revision of Late Cretaceous occurrences of ostracods of the Family Brachycytheridae; a reassessment of the species of the subfamily Candoninae Kaufmann, 1900 as recorded in the Quaternary deposits of Western Siberia; descriptions of one genus of Protobrachycythere nov. gen. (Protocytherinae, Lyubimova), and two new species, P. taurica nov. sp. and P. aptica nov. sp., from the Barremian and Aptian of the Crimea.

Geochimica et cosmochimica actaMagmas and their sources

Geochimica et cosmochimica acta vol.185 Pages 1-550 (15 July 2016)
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This special issue is subdivided into five theme areas. These are mantle geochemistry, Hawaiian and other plume-related lavas, volcanic arc magmatism, mid-ocean ridge and Iceland geochemistry, and continental basaltic to silicic magmatism. Papers include studies of mantle xenoliths and processes as well as ultramafic to silicic igneous rocks from many tectonic settings (mantle plumes, volcanic arcs, mid-ocean ridges and continents).

Marine geologyStratigraphic and sedimentary significance of the Mediterranean outflow water and its conceptual implications

Marine geology vol.377 Pages 1-146 (1 July 2016)
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This special issue contains 9 contributions addressing specific aspects of IODP Expedition 339 related to contourite deposits including sedimentology, seismic interpretation, stratigraphy, physical properties, downhole logging and ichnofacies. They have regional and global implications on the understanding of the opening of the Gibraltar Gateway and onset of Mediterranean Outflow Water, paleoceanographic and climatic changes, tectonic events and changes in global thermohaline circulation.

Island arcUnderstanding the largest oceanic core complex on the Earth, Godzilla Megamullion

Island arc vol.25 no.3 Pages 189-250 (May 2016)
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This virtual special issue is derived from a workshop, summarizing the current understanding of the oceanic core complex. It includes a review of the history of Godzilla Megamullion studies, reports the trace element compositions of the clinopyroxene and plagioclase of the Godzilla troctolites, discussing the importance of melt-mantle interaction of the composition of the lower oceanic crust, and its importance for the evolution of Mid-Ocean Ridge Basalt, and reports seismic properties of the Godzilla gabbroic mylonites, discussing the effect of amphibole on P-wave velocity anisotropy within the Godzilla detachment shear zone.

Boletin geologico y mineroLarge karst systems of the world

Boletín geológico y minero vol.127 no.1 Pages 1-259 (Apr-Sep 2015)
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The 17 papers in this special issue cover karst systems in Mexico, Australia, Switzerland, Cuba, USA, Slovenia, Vietnam, Spain, Puerto Rico, Western Caucasus, and the Usturt Plateau between the Aral and the Caspian Seas. Papers are in English and Spanish.

Quaternary internationalProgress in Quaternary archive studies of the Iberian Peninsula

Quaternary international vol. 407 part A Pages 1-150 (2 July 2016)
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The papers in this volume are derived from a conference entitled “Progress in Quaternary archive studies in the Iberian Peninsula” held in 2015 which focused on new approaches and research in Quaternary archives in the Iberian Peninsula. These provide insight into archive types indicating their potential for paleoenvironmental reconstruction. Not every archive study in this volume is able to detect seasonal resolution, but seasonal effects on archive formation should be taken into account..

Sedimentary geologyLimnological processes in permafrost environments

Sedimentary geology vol.340 Pages 1-96 (1 July 2016)
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The research topics presented in this special issue include a wide range of study areas that constitute an overview of the major topics in which permafrost scientists and limnologists are working today. Geographically, four contributions in this special issue focus on the Arctic, three on the high plateaus of Central Asia, and one on Antarctica. Four of these studies were carried out in the continuous permafrost zone, while the other four focused on sporadic and discontinuous permafrost environments.

Journal of volcanology and geothermal researchThe Lake Rotomahana geothermal system and effects of the 1886 Mt. Tarawera eruption

Journal of volcanology and geothermal research vol.314 Pages 1-182 (15 March 2016)
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A series of expeditions between 2011 and 2014 designed to survey various aspects of Lake Rotomahana acted as the catalyst for this special issue. The results and the interpretation derived from those surveys form the bulk of the information that appears in the various papers. The special issue includes a detailed, historical account of the effects of the eruption, including eye witness accounts and facsimiles of paintings and photographs of the aftermath, some of which have not been seen previously.

Quaternary internationalVIth International Conference on Mammoths and their Relatives, Part 2

Quaternary international vol.406 Pages 1-252 (25 June 2016)
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The collection of papers in this volume constitutes the second part of the Proceedings of the ‘VIth International Conference on Mammoths and their Relatives’, held 2014. These papers cover variable subjects within the research interests of the Conference, from the palaeontology of Pliocene mammutids and gomphotheres to woolly mammoth palaeoecology and interrelationships with the humans. The first part of the conference proceedings was published as Quaternary international vol.379.

Gondwana researchConvergent margins and related processes

Gondwana research vol.33 Pages 1-230 (May 2016)
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This special issue stems from an international workshop on “Convergent Margins” that was held in 2014. It contains a set of contributions on the current understanding on convergent margins and related processes.

Quaternary internationalThe African Quaternary: environments, ecology and humans inaugural AFQUA conference

Quaternary international vol.404B Pages 1-214 (6 June 2016)
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This special issue is derived from the inaugural AFQUA Conference, “The African Quaternary: environments, ecology and humans” in 2015. AFQUA brings developed and developing world researchers together, bridging regional divides, and fostering communication and collaboration at both regional and continental scales.