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Library Strategy

Library Strategy - Improving remote services to Fellows

“The Geological Society Library is a research library which offers its Fellows the best of both worlds: rich historical and archive collections as well as the most up-to-date information resources in print and electronic formats.” *

In April 2014, Council approved a five-year Library Strategy which has at its heart the necessity to evolve and adapt to a fast changing library and information environment and the research needs of its users.

The Geological Society Library provides a wide range of resources such as electronic journals, document supply, postal loan and enquiry and literature searching services.

As well as being available in London these services are also accessible off-site. In 2013, some of the Library’s most popular services were largely used remotely and more Fellows each year are taking up the opportunity to access its collection of over 90 electronic journals via Athens. In the last five years, the number of Athens registration has risen by 57%, and in 2013:

•    20,299 articles were downloaded

•    3,803 enquiries were made**

•    605 documents were supplied

With 85% of the Fellowship based in the regions and overseas, one of the Library’s key objectives is to deliver better electronic and remote services, whilst simultaneously working to develop, preserve and promote its collections and improve their content findability online. The Library Strategy provides the basis upon which this will be achieved within the next five years.

*Library Strategy, approved by Council on the 2nd of April 2014.
**Library staff responded to a total of 8,885 enquiries in 2013.

Library Strategy Progress

Read the Library Strategy Progress Report - February 2017