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William Smith County Maps

We are proud to offer prints of all 21 of William Smith's geological maps of the counties of England for sale.

William Smith's Geological Map of Wiltshire 

William Smith, creator of the first geological map of England and Wales, went on to publish a series of geological maps of English counties from 1819 to 1824.  These were published as six atlases containing four sheets each, the fifth atlas consisting of a geological map of Yorkshire split into four sheets.  Each sheet is approximately 62cm x 60cm, but the maps themselves vary in size and scale.

The geology shown on the maps is more detailed than that on his famous map of 1815 demonstrating his further researches in that time.  Each map is based on John Cary's topographic maps of English counties, with geological lines and legend engraved additionally.  The colouring of each map is entirely geologically.

William Smith had intended to continue publishing further atlases continuing the series, however the burden of bearing the costs of the publication of these maps along with his geological sections lead to large debts and a spell in a debtors prison.

The Geological Society has copies of each map in its map collection.  These have been photographed at high-resolution and digitally cleaned by our friends at the Royal Geographical Society, which allow high quality reproductions to be made of each map.  

Prints are now available from our online bookshop