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The Silurian System by Murchison

Murchison's Map of the Silurian Region

In 1839, Sir Roderick Impey Murchison published his major work ‘The Silurian System’ describing the Silurian strata found in South Wales and the West Midlands of England.  With this text was a map of Siluria as outlined by Murchison, the very first map of Silurian geology in the world.

It’s a large, handsome map, frequently missing from copies of the text still in circulation today.  The original is 148cm x 96 cm in size, which is a little too large to post using normal postage methods.  We do however have a version available with the height at 85cm to allow it to fit into a maximum length postal tube.  The cost to Fellows is £36 (inc. VAT and postage) within the UK and EU and £30 (inc. postage) outside the EU.  For non-Fellows of the Society, the price is £48 (inc. VAT and postage) inside the EU and £40 (inc. postage) outside the EU.

For more information on the map please see my article about it on the Geological Society blog