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Map Enquiries

The Map Room

Looking for geological mapping for an area but don't know where to begin, or what's available?  Do you have a question about specific map?  Have you been looking for a map for a long time but don't know how to obtain a copy?

The Map Room offers a full e-mail and phone enquiry service to answer your geological mapping questions.

For detailed help on specific locations or maps, please contact the Map Librarian by e-mail who will be happy to give advice.  E-mails are normally answered within 24 hours, most much more rapidly.

Phone enquiries can be directed to the Library phone line on 020 7432 0999 and these will be forwarded to the Map Librarian.

To save some time, you search our map catalogue online for free.  Currently you can use the keyword search to look for your area of interest.  A specialised map search, that will enable you to pick co-ordinates and scales, will be coming soon!

Query Hints

If you wish to make an inquiry of the Map Collection, here are some helpful hints.

  • Remember to give as much detail as you can for the location you require. This will save considerable staff time and yield you a quicker result.
  • You should let the Librarian know why you need the map - the Librarian may then be able to advise you further. Naturally the confidentiality of your call will be respected.
  • In the event that we do not have the map you want, the librarian may be able to suggest other sources.
  • Use this website first! All catalogued maps are included in the online Library Catalogue.

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