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Chicksgrove Quarry, 1815

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'The measure of the different beds of stone in Chicksgrove Quarry in the Parish of Tisbury, Wiltshire', by Etheldred Benett. [1815].
Benett commissioned and produced one of the first measured sections of the Upper Chicksgrove quarry at Tisbury, sending it to the Society in March 1815.   
Benett notes: “The whole depth of Chicksgrove Quarry to the bottom of the stone, is sixty one feet four inches measured by John Montague foreman of the Quarry. There are scales of Fishes, Ammonites and various other Organic Remains formed on this Quarry but I have not yet been able to ascertain to which of the beds they respectively belong and therefore could not insert them in their proper place.
The above are the names by which the different beds are known by the People who work the Quarry.”
A year later she sent the Society a ‘corrected’ section of the same quarry (not shown here), which now included the location of the organic remains.