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William Smith Map

We sell a range of gifts relating to William Smith's 1815 geological map of England, Wales and part of Scotland, which are available to purchase in the Burlington House Bookshop.

GSL 1815  

An A2 size map print reproduced by the Geological Society of London from an original of William Smith's 1815 geological map  rediscovered in our archives in 2014.

Size: 59 x 42 cm (image size: 54 x 38 cm)


This map can also be bought in our online bookshop


Folded reproduction of William Smith map

Size:  133 x 93cm (folded)


This map can also be bought on our online bookshop


Reproduction of the Memoir by William Smith which accompanied the 1815 map



Smith bookmark 


Geological section from William Smith's 1815 geological map.

Size: 21 x 6 cm


William Smith Map Print


This postcard is a reproduction of William Smith's 1815 geological map of 'England and Wales with part of Scotland' (Series 53, issued between 2nd November 1815 and 17th December 1815).

Size: 15 x 21cm



Mounted reproduction of William Smith's 1815 map.  The print is A4 sized and presented in a cream mount.

Size: A3 (print A4)




Geological Map of Great Britain, Bicentennial edition in the style of William Smith (folded) 

This map commemorates the 200th anniversary of the publication of the first geological map of Britain, by William Smith (1769-1839). It depicts modern geological bedrock data in the style of Smith’s early 19th century cartography. 


William Smith's Cross Sections, 1819 (wallchart)

This poster is a reproduction of 5 William Smith cross sections of 1819. The sections are reproduced in their original exquisite colours, and at 80% their original size, on heavy, high-quality stock, suitable for mounting or framing.

Accompanied by an explanatory booklet by J.G.C.M. Fuller.


County Maps

We also stock reproduction prints of William Smith County Maps of England.  The full range of prints can be viewed on the online bookshop.  Please call ahead to check Burlington House Bookshop stock levels before making a special trip.

Visit the William Smith Map

William Smith's 1815 map is on display at Burlington House