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Sponsor Our Events

The Petroleum Group is a specialist group of the Geological Society of London dedicated to petroleum exploration and production open to members of the academic and industrial world. The Group organises a significant number of events each year ranging from evening lectures and debates through to scientific workshops and conferences of up to 3 days duration. Additionally, the Group organises an annual dinner for some 650 people at the Natural History Museum and 4 times annually a lunch for UK/Europe based exploration managers.

Typical attendance is upto c. 150 persons per event held at the Geological Society’s facilities on Piccadilly, London, but larger events are periodically organised. Attendees are a mix of oil company staff, academics, specialist contractors, consultants and students.

The Petroleum Group seeks sponsorship for all its scientific events which allows the Petroleum Group to defray the fixed costs of the event, to assist academic speakers with their costs of attendance, subsidise student attendees and, where the event culminates in a publication, to under-write the cost of high quality, full colour publications through the Geological Society’s Publishing House.

Sponsorship is structured relatively simply and informally in order to limit the administrative workload. Sponsors are asked to contribute a sum with which they feel comfortable, typically in the range c. £1000-£5000 per company per event dependent on the size of company and scale/nature of the event. This ensures prominence of the sponsoring company’s logo on the event posters, advertisements (typically in the Geological Society’s Geoscientist magazine, PESGB Newsletter, AAPG Explorer, etc.), abstract booklet and any other appropriate conference material.

The Petroleum Group seeks sponsors for its events and is also open to specific sponsorship arrangements, such as sponsorship of memory stick’s for digital abstracts or sponsorship of a number of student attendees. In addition, the Petroleum Group is keen to engender longer term relationships with potential sponsors, for example through sponsorship of all or a significant number of the Group’s events via an annual arrangement, which reduces administration for all parties.

Contact to discuss sponsorship opportunities in the first instance is Sarah Woodcock in the Geological Society’s Conference Office (