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Petroleum Group

Petroleum Group
   At the forefront of petroleum geoscience...


The Petroleum Group is the Geological Society’s specialist group dedicated to petroleum exploration and production.

The Petroleum Group’s mandate is to advance the study and understanding of petroleum geoscience and to represent the Society with respect to petroleum exploration matters.  Primarily this is achieved through a series of regular conferences, workshops and publications at the cutting edge of the science, supported by the oil exploration industry and the Society.  The Group typically runs five or six events in a year.

The group is run by a committee drawing on participants from industry and academia.  The committee also organises an Annual Dinner and makes several awards including the Petroleum Group Medal and Young Petroleum Geoscientist Award.  On a less frequent basis, the committee is central to organisation of the Petroleum Geology Conferences, which have been held every five or six years since 1974. The eighth of these was held in 2015.

The Petroleum Group is key part of the activities of the Society, with more than 2500 Fellows being members of the Group. The Group’s events generate important revenue for the Society.

Fundamentally, the Petroleum Group aims to encourage the sharing and dissemination of information at the leading edge of petroleum geoscience.

Please offer material for inclusion in the website and comments for future improvements and feedback to Sarah Woodcock. 


Fellows and Candidate Fellows of the Geological Society are welcome to join the Petroleum Group. Please email Sarah Woodcock if you wish to join.

To receive information about Society and Petroleum Group activities please indicate this in your email.

If you are not a Fellow of the Society, you are nonetheless welcome to attend Petroleum Group conferences. However, Geological Society Fellows can usually book at preferential rates and it may therefore be beneficial to join the Society.

Join the Committee

The Petroleum Group Committee is made up of 20 elected and 3 co-opted members based in the UK and overseas.

Committee members are expected to actively participate in the Group’s activities through the convening of conferences, participation in regular bi-monthly meetings and through other ad hoc activities related to the Group’s broad agenda.

Nominations are requested for membership of the 2017 Petroleum Group Committee. Please view the nomination details and nomination form

Our Events

If you would like to propose a conference to the Petroleum Group Committee, please complete and return the meeting proposal form to Sarah Woodcock. Ideally proposals should be received at least 12 months prior to the proposed meeting date

The Petroleum Group is able to offer a discount on conference registration fees for unemployed members. Please contact Sarah Woodcock for further information.

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Petroleum Group Activities

Social Media



Kitty Hall
Independent Director for Seabird Exploration

Vice Chair

Lucy Williams
Rockhopper Exploration plc
4th Floor
5 Welbeck Street
London W1G 9YQ


John Argent 
Sound Energy
1st Floor 
4 Pembroke Road
TN13 1XR
United Kingdom

Communications Officer

Maxim Kotenev 
101 Wigmore St
London W1U 1QU

Publications Officer 

Ian Saikia
ExxonMobil House
Ermyn Way
Surrey, KT22 8UX

Committee Members

  • Mark Osborne
  • Cliff Lovelock
  • Partick Dowey
  • Andrea James
  • Hannah Steaggles
  • James Hammerstein
  • John Howell
  • Iain Brown
  • Matthew Reeve
  • Peter Burgess
  • Richard Collier
  • Caroline Gill
  • Jonathan Hull
  • Matthew Jameson
  • Owen Sutcliffe
  • Alun Williams
  • Kirstie Wright