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Coal Geology Group


The Coal Geology Group is designed to fulfil a need to co-ordinate the disciplines in which coal is studied both as a geological deposit and as a mineral resource, and to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and experience between those involved in research and its applied aspects. Relevant disciplines should include geophysics, sedimentology, palaeontology, coal chemistry, structural geology, geotechnical studies, geostatistics, computer applications and exploration and development geology. All of these are important factors leading to the understanding of coal and coal deposits. The Group hopes it will be supported by members in education, the public sector and private industry, in order to bring a balance of views and interests.

The Group aims to:

  • provide a facility through which geologists interested in all aspects of coal can effectively communicate ideas and experiences.
  • hold meetings for the reading and discussion of communications. 
  • organise visits to coal mining operations and other sites of scientific interest. 
  • publish papers and other communications. 
  • encourage education and research.

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