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British Geophysical Association


To promote the subject of geophysics and particularly to strengthen the relationships between geology and geophysics in the UK. It achieves this by holding meetings and courses, by encouraging the publication of the results of research and by such other means as are deemed appropriate to an Association by its parent societies.


Post-Graduate Research In Progress Meeting, 2015, University of Southampton.
Presentation Winners:

Talk winner: Robert Green, University of Cambridge, “Triggered earthquakes suppressed by an evolving stress shadow from a propagating dyke: Bárðarbunga Volcano, Iceland

Runner-up: Bedanta Goswami, University of Southampton, “Resistivity image beneath an area of active methane seeps in the continental slope of West Svalbard margin

Poster winner: Simon Stephenson, University of Cambridge, “A Cenezoic record of uplift, erosion and dynamic support: examples from Madagascar

Runner-up: Melanie Siegburg, NOC, University of Southampton, “Tecono-magmatic interaction at the Boset Volcanic Complex in the main Ethiopian Rift

The BGA image competition: promoting UK geophysics. 

2013 winning photo by James Hammond

The competition runs every year, featuring dramatic geophysical fieldwork photos, spectacular images of numerical simulations, stimulating photos of laboratory experiments in progress, or even geophysical data overlays or drapes on topography or other surfaces.

Top prize: £200 and a 1-year membership of one of the BGA parent societies, the Royal Astronomical Society or the Geological Society of London. Runner-up prize: 1-year membership of one of the parent societies.

The 2015 winner was Matt Stringfellow, RSK with a photo of GPR survey at Didcot Power Station Cooling Tower (fish eye lens) 1 day before demolition

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British Geophysical Association

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