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The South-West Regional Group (SWRG) is well established and active, celebrating its 30th Anniversary in January 2005. It aims to provide a local regional focus for all Geological Society Fellows and activities. It arranges a wide-ranging programme of meetings and activities to meet the requirements of its active membership, including ProGeo - an annual one-day conference for professional geoscientists in the South West – usually held in October. The group also runs a schools competition for all secondary schools teaching any aspect of the Geosciences.

Venues for meetings include locations in Exeter, Plymouth and in Cornwall.

The SWRG welcomes new members, as well as guests and co-professionals, to join its activities and play a part in its continuing development. Any members with an interest in joining our Committee – either as an officer or as a part of the wider Committee Group – should contact the Chair, Sarah Boulton, in the first instance

We have a page on Facebook and Linked-In - follow us and join in the discussions!

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SWRG Activities



Sarah Boulton


Professor Malcolm Hart


Laura Bacon


Heather Smyly

Web Editor

Gordon Neighbour

University Reps

Andrew Merritt
University of Plymouth

Sam Hughes
University of Exeter, Camborne School of Mines

Committee Group

Dan Gough

Mark Hake

Jonathan King

Matthew Owen

Rod Smith

Phil Stephenson

James Walker

Craig Wickham

Alan White