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Universities employ geologists to undertake research leading to published papers and lecture to students. Roles usually include a mixture of the two but the relative amounts of research and teaching vary. 

Some geoscience disciplines are almost entirely academic (i.e. they have little direct economic impact) such as volcanology, planetary geology and palaeoclimatology.

However, others, such as structural geology, geochemistry, mineralogy or sedimentology, are more applied and can be linked to industries. Academics in these areas may also develop professional commercial practice (consultancy) outside the university in areas such as Engineering Geology, Hydrogeology, Geophysics, Oil and Minerals Exploration. Some academics gain additional teaching qualifications (such as Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy).

PhD student sampling cave stalactites to study past climates

Roles, Geoscience areas and career profiles

There is really no limit to the fields you could specialise in other than funding availability.

Some roles in academia include:



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Sedimentology PhD Student

Researcher Development Officer

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