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Shell University Lectures

In 2010 and 2011, the Geological Society of London hosted the Shell University Lecture Series, a programme of six regionally-based themed lectures.

On the following pages, you can view details of past lectures, with presentations from each of the talks available to view online. You must have Windows Media Player 10 or higher installed to view the presentations. Download Windows Media Player now.

Shell University Lectures 2011

This series of six regionally-based lectures ran from November 2010 to March 2011, with the umbrella theme 'Geohazards'.

Programme of talks

When The Shaking Stops: The Short-term and Long-term Effects of Large Earthquakes 
University of Liverpool - 24 November 2010
Speaker: Dr Alex Densmore (University of Durham) 

Faulting, Surface Deformation, Landscapes and Seismic Hazard
University of Bristol - 26 January 2011
Speaker: Dr Gerald Roberts (Birkbeck University of London)

Earthquakes and Tsunamis at Subduction Zones: The 2004-2005 Sumatra Earthquakes
University of Cambridge - 16 February 2011 
Speaker: Dr Lisa McNeill (National Oceanography Centre, Southampton) 

Natural Hazards of High Subsurface Fluid Pressures
Heriot Watt University - 23 February 2011
Speaker: Pieter van Rensbergen (Shell International Exploration and Production) 

Submarine Geohazards: Landslides and Flows
Royal Holloway, London - 16 March 2011
Speaker: Dr Pete Talling (National Oceanography Centre, Southampton)

Global Volcanic Risk
University of Southampton - 23 March 2011 
Speaker: Professor Steve Sparks (University of Bristol)

Shell University Lectures 2010

This series of six regionally-based lectures ran from November 2009 – March 2010, with the umbrella theme 'Oceans and Climates'.

Programme of talks

Ocean Circulation and Climate
University of Bristol, 18 November 2009 
Speaker: Helen Johnson (University of Oxford)

Reconstructing the History of the Antarctic Ice Sheet: Clues from the Past for the Future
University of Birmingham, 2 December 2009 
Speaker: Tina van de Flierdt (Imperial College London) 

Disposing of Fossil Fuel CO2: A Test of our Understanding of Oceans and Climates
University of Oxford, 3 February 2010
Speaker: Andy Ridgwell (University of Bristol) 

Palaeo-perspectives on Human-climate-environment Interactions
University of Manchester, 17 February 2010 
Speaker: David Hodell (University of Cambridge)

Corals and Coral Reefs
University of Durham, 3 March 2010 
Speaker: Sandy Tudhope (University of Edinburgh, SAGES)

Principles and Applications of Petroleum System Analysis
University of Aberdeen, 17 March 2010 
Speaker: Peter Nederlof (Shell)