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London Lectures 2014

The Geological Society of London hosted the London Lectures throughout 2014. These monthly lectures are held at the Geological Society's Piccadilly apartments in Burlington House. 

Please find past lectures below.



The Geology & Engineering of a Mud Volcano Disaster in Java

Date: 22 January
Speaker: David Shilston (GSL President & Atkins UK)

Oil and Gas in the Arctic

Date: 19 February
Speaker: Alastair Fraser (Imperial College)

Meeting the challenge:
Geological disposal of UK higher activity radioactive waste

Date: 19 March
Speaker: Rebecca Lunn (University of Strathclyde)

Fracked or fiction:
So what are the risks associated with shale gas exploitation?

Date: 16 April
Speaker: Richard Davies (University of Durham)

Managing Nuclear Power on a Dynamic Earth

Date: 21 May
Speaker: Neil Chapman (MCM Consulting, Switzerland & University of Sheffield)

Geology in Space: Meteorites and Cosmic Dust

Date: 18 June
Speaker: Matthew Genge (Imperial College)

Groundwater - the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Date: 10 September
Speaker: Natalyn Ala (Atkins Limited and GSL Council Member)

Geoheritage and the UK's most significant geological sites

Date: 15 October
Speaker: Rob Butler (University of Aberdeen)
Contaminated Land

Contaminated Land: What is it Good For?

Date: 19 November
Speaker: Paul Nathanail (Land Quality Management Ltd & University of Nottingham)
Terra Infirma - Salt tectonics

Terra Infirma; What Has Salt Tectonics Ever Done For Us

Date: 10 December

Speaker: Chris Jackson (Imperial College)

London Lectures 2017

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The programme for the 2017 lecture series is available to view.

All lectures are open to anyone and free to attend. Tickets are available via a ballot system.

On the day of the event you will also be able to watch the lecture online as a live webcast.