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Timing a Proposal

It is possible to organise meetings on a short timescale where there is a pressing reason, but it is normally desirable to advertise well in advance, and to give keynote speakers enough notice to ensure their attendance. Nevertheless it is recognised that there will be large variations between different types of meeting and different communities. The sequence of steps is as follows:
  1. Submit proposal to Science Committee (feel free to make informal enquiries to the Conference Office or the Science Secretary in advance)
  2. Approval/feedback from Science Committee – if you have indicated that you intend to produce a publication, the proposal will be notified to the Publishing House
  3. Meeting Planning, leading to Announcement and Call for Papers
  4. Deadline for abstracts, normally 3 months before the meeting – the titles submitted should be used for a formal publication proposal at this time, if appropriate
  5. Registration deadline
  6. Meeting
  7. Deadline for submission of papers (the remaining publication schedule will be dealt with by the Publishing House).