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Meeting Categories

Flagship Meetings

William Smith Meeting

This meeting is held annually on any branch of geological science.  The event runs over two days and incorporates the William Smith Lecture, which is open to all Fellows of the Society. See details on previous William Smith meetings.

The second William Smith meeting to celebrate the 2015 William Smith Bicentenary will take place from 2 - 3 June 2016 with a focus on Glaciated Margins. 

Lyell Meeting 

The Joint Committee for Palaeontology (JCP) is a joint liaison body of the Palaeontographical Society, Palaeontological Association, The Micropalaeontological Society and the Geological Society of London.
The primary function of JCP is to organise the annual Lyell meeting and to promote Palaeontology within the Earth Sciences.
Find out more about previous Lyell Meetings.

    Fermor Meeting

The Fermor meeting covers any aspect of economic geology, igneous and metamorphic petrology, fundamental research on Archaean rocks and planetary geology. We encourage meetings to discuss broad topics crossing disciplines, as well as focussed specialist themes. The Fermor meeting may be held annually and typically runs over two to three days.

Find out more about previous Fermor Meetings.

Arthur Holmes Meeting

The remit for the Arthur Holmes meeting is unique in its requirement for substantial field-based activity.  In future, novel formats will be welcomed, e.g. a field meeting with a short conventional conference session attached, and it can be on any aspect of geoscience. There is no requirement for the conference to be held at the Society and a location near to where the field work is taking place would be strongly supported. The Society would particularly like to encourage conference proposals with an element of student field teaching in the event.

The 2016 Arthur Holmes meeting will take place on 23 - 25 May 2016.

Janet Watson Meeting: an early career symposium

The Janet Watson meeting will be held on an annual basis and will focus specifically on early career geoscientists presenting their research, both to their peers and to potential industry employers, and should predominantly be a discussion-led meeting. The event will be facilitated by a nominated convenor who is not necessarily an early career researcher, but who can stimulate the involvement of this community.

Bryan Lovell Meeting

Previously there has been no obvious opportunity in the current range of flagship meetings to address the ‘societal challenges’ outlined in the ‘Geology for Society’ report. The Bryan Lovell meeting will be held on an annual basis and will focus directly on the geoscience relevant to major issues such as  climate and environmental change, energy and raw material resource security, radioactive waste management and water availability. The Society’s  ‘Geology for Society’ report is a useful starting point for potential topics for such meetings.

Specialist and Regional Group Meetings

The Society's Specialist and Regional Groups organise a wide range of meetings, which do not require approval from the Science Committee and administration of these meetings are handled by the groups.

Find out more about our Specialist and Regional Groups and their events.