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The lectures highlighted below feature talks on the topic of volcanoes.

Shell London Lecture Series


Volcanoes and Man

Volcanoes are part of the natural environment; for this reason interactions between humans and volcanoes are inevitable. Developing a sustainable strategy for volcanic risk mitigation is thus necessary for communities inhabiting volcanically active areas.

Volcano plume Icelandic Volcanoes: Interactions Between Volcanoes, Ice and Atmosphere

Icelandic volcanoes have been active for many thousands of years, and will continue to be so in the future. This talk explores the mechanism of the eruptions and their effects, not only on the country itself, but further afield.


 A Lot of Hot Air: Degassing and Volcanic Eruptions

This lecture examines the process of magma degassing and volcanic eruptions using observations from large scales using satellite-based instruments, down to the microscopic scale using observations of crystals and melt in the erupted rocks.

Shell University Lecture Series


Global Volcanic Risk

There are thought to be about 500 million people living close enough to active volcanoes to be affected when they erupt. Casualties from volcanic eruptions have been modest compared to other natural hazards, but economic losses and societal disruption can be considerable.

The presentations from all of the lectures in the Shell lecture series are available to view online in our past meeting resources.