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Recommended Texts

The main book still used by most GCSE geology teachers is:

'Understanding Geology' by Webster (Paperback - 1987)

Three A-level books that would provide you with good background are:
  • 'Geological Science'(Geological Science) by McLeish, Blackie (Paperback - 1992)
  • 'Geoscience: Understanding Geological Processes' by Edwards & King, Hodder and Stoughton (Paperback - 1999)
  • 'Aspects of Geology' by Kennett & Ross, Longman. (Paperback - 1983)

There are many useful and colourful American books available. One of the most widely used is:
  • 'Understanding Earth' Press et al, Freeman (Paperback – 2004)

For more details about the GCSE you can find the full specification of the exam board that offers geology at this level, the Welsh Joint Education Committee, at:

For more details about A-levels you can find full specifications of the exam boards that offer geology at this level, the Welsh Joint Education Committee (as above) and the Oxford, Cambridge and RSA Examinations at