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Flooding is a hazard all over the world, with many different forms and levels of severity. Floods are one of the UK's most significant natural hazards, whilst globally they account for around 40% of all national disasters.

Geologists can help in understanding why flooding happens, levels of risk, and mitigating the effects of flooding.

We have a number of resources relating to flooding, available from the links below and to the right.


Watch online Watch online!

Watch the presentations from our Shell London Lecture series, all related to flooding. To view more of our other presentations visit our YouTube channel.


What are the various types of flooding? How does flooding relate to climate change? Can we predict flooding? What were significant UK floods?

Download the Flooding Fact Sheet


The hidden sea

An interview with Paul Younger, on the UK's water resources, and how torrential rain and hosepipe bans can coincide...


The present is the key to the past

Lynne Frostick on what rising tides mean for our future, and how an understanding of our geological past can help us prepare.


Ask a Geologist!

If you have a question about floods, try our Ask a Geologist service! All you have to do is send an email to stating your question and we will try to find an answer among our 10,000-strong Fellowship.