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Podcasts and Presentations


The following episodes from our podcast series feature geoscientists talking about earthquakes, from prediction to the latest research.

million death quakeEpisode 20: Million death quake

British Geological Survey seismologist Roger Musson discusses his new book, and the questions and uncertainties which still surround the public understanding of earthquakes.

Figure 1. ‘Metropolis Globe New York’ by Werner Kunz, distributed under a Creative Commons licence from 15: Geology in the age of Man 
Shell Lecturer James Jackson explains why he is interested in researching current geological processes, rather than delving into the past, and why this can help vulnerable communities protect themselves from earthquakes.

Episode 11: Geological Hazards - Home and Away 
Ian Main explains why earthquake prediction can be so difficult, and what else geologists can do to help protect communities.

Building in Concepción (photo by Claudio Núñez)Episode 7: Ground Shaking Research 
Prof Richard Sibson, winner of the 2010 Wollaston Medal, explains why earthquakes appear to be getting worse.



To listen to the other episodes in our podcast series, visit the podcasts page.

Presentations from Shell London Lectures

The presentations from all of the lectures in the Shell lecture series are available to view online in our past meeting resources. The lectures highlighted below feature talks on the topic of earthquakes. Click on the talk titles to view the presentations:

18 January 2012: Earthquakes and Tsunamis in the Modern World

8 December 2010: Geological Hazards: How Safe is Britain?
Speaker: Martin Culshaw