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Fun Kids Radio Programmes

We have been working with Fun Kids to develop a series of radio programmes aimed at 8 - 12 year olds, bringing the world of geology to life!

Fun Kids are a dedicated children's radio station, broadcasting on DAB digital radio in London and the South East, and online. 

Travel back in Geological Time for Earth Science Week


Dig up History right under your feet during Earth Science Week!

Travel back in time at the Fun Kids website to discover 8 different Geological periods, the types of creatures that lived back then, and where us humans came from!

Geology Rocks! Podcasts

geology rocks

Join Finley as he travels around the world and back in time to explore everything from fossils to volcanoes, and even how rocks helped form our planet!

Fun Kids Radio

Geological Time: Resources


Geology Rocks! Podcasts

Visit the Fun Kids website to listen to podcasts including:

  • Climate Change 
  • Rock Hunt 
  • Rocks for Dinner
  • Metamorphic Rocks 
  • Sedimentary Rocks 
  • Earthquakes And Volcanoes 
  • Igneous Rocks 
  • The Structure of the Earth 
  • Oxygen And Rust 
  • Blue Green Algae And Stromolites 
  • Earth’s History, Early Rocks And Living Chemistry 
  • Hadean Time 
  • Earth’s History – Creation of Earth 
  • Geological Time