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Geology Career Pathways


Explore careers and study options if you're interested in the Earth...

RGS-IBG Teacher Training Scholarships


The new RGS-IBG Geography Teacher Training Scholarship programme will provide outstanding trainee teachers with significant support, including £27,500 tax-free funding.

Grants and Awards

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The Early Career Geologist Award: enter for 2017

To recognise the work of geoscientists in the early stages of their careers, the Society runs the Early Career Geologist award. This competition is open to all Fellows with less than 10 years post graduate experience, who are working towards Chartership. Taking part is a great way to enhance your communication skills and demonstrate your understanding of a particular geological topic to an audience.

This year's winner was Angela Hillman of the Yorkshire Regional group.

""Find out how to enter the 2017 Award

Society Awards

The Geological Society Research Grants: 2017 Applications open now.

The Society has been awarding medals for significant achievement in the Earth sciences since 1831, and now grants a large range of awards, including funds and research grants, every year. The average award has been about £1,000. 

2017 applications close on 1 February 2017.

Society Awards

The Distinguished Geologists Memorial Trust Bursary

This bursary aims to assist early career geologists, particularly those in industry, with professional development by contributing to travel costs or gaining experience. Applications should be sent to the Chartership Officer by the end of April in any year.

""Find out more about how to apply


Volcanic & Magmatic Studies Group Student Bursaries

The Volcanic & Magmatic Studies Group runs two bursary schemes for student researchers, one to attend and present at conferences; and one to support students wishing to attend international technical and field workshops. Bursaries are awarded up to a maximum of £300.

There are two rounds of applications during the year:

Deadline 1 June for the bursary period 1 August - 31 January
Deadline 1 December for the bursary period 1 February - 31 July


Geochemistry Group Student Travel Bursary

The Geochemistry Group offers bursaries to postgraduate researchers registered at UK universities or research institutions to aid travel to a geochemistry meeting either in the UK or internationally.

There are three rounds of applications during the year. The deadlines are 15 January, 15 May and 15 October.


Geochemistry Group Scientific Meeting Support

The Geochemistry Group offers monetary contributions to support national & international meetings on geochemical topics organised by sister scientific societies and groups.

There are three rounds of applications during the year. The deadlines are 15 January, 15 May and 15 October.


British Sedimentological Research Group: Steve Farrell Fund

Financial support to postgraduate students attending field based sedimentology conferences outside the UK. Applications for assistance with sedimentological fieldwork may also be considered.

The deadline for each year's applications is 31 January


British Sedimentological Research Group: Gill Harwood Fund

Financial support for female graduate students (of any age) and sedimentologists (under the age of 30), of any nationality, who require funds to assist them in carrying out sedimentological fieldwork or for attendance at international meetings.

The deadline for each year's applications is 31 January


Engineering Group Glossop Award

The Glossop Award is made annually by the Engineering Group to an outstanding young engineering geologist or geo-environmentalist. The winner receives an award for attendance at a training course or field meeting supported or run by the Engineering Group, or a Geological Society Special Publication of their choice.

This year's winner is Yung Loo (Arup). Find out more about the award ceremony.

Remote Sensing

The Geological Remote Sensing Group Student Awards & Fieldwork Bursaries

Every year the Geological Remote Sensing Group (GRSG) offers up to three awards of £750 each for students engaged in remote sensing research, as well as a Fieldwork Bursary scheme. Find out more at the GRSG website.

Grants and Competitions run by other organisations:

NEFTEX Earth Model Award

The Neftex Earth Model Award 2016 for Best MSc / MSci / MGeol Project

The Neftex Earth Model Award aims to stimulate research relevant to global geoscience. This is an opportunity for Master's students to present their research to a panel of industry and academic professionals and gain recognition for their work. 

1st Prize - £2,000   2nd Prize - £1,000   3rd Prize - £500

The 2016 submission deadline has passed and applicants are being shortlisted for the external industry judging panel.

Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851

Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851

Annual funding opportunities are available from the Royal Commission, including:

  • Research Fellowships in Science and Engineering (Closing date 16 February 2017)
  • Industrial Fellowships (Closing date 26 January 2017)
  • Industrial Design Studentships (Closing date 27 April 2017)

""Find out more about how to apply.


Financial support from the  The Geologists' Association (GA)

The Geologists' Association can provide financial support of up to £600 to individuals for research projects in any area of Earth Sciences:

  • Students should apply for a New Researchers' Award
  • Non-students should apply for a GA Research Award

Support of up to £250 is also available for attendance at meetings - a GA Meetings Award

Applicants should be members of the Geologists' Association. Deadline for applications is 15 November each year.

""Find out more at the GA website


Funding Opportunities with the Geological Repository Network

Funding is available for satellite workshops and travel awards between labs or organizations to advance science and technology collaborations related to Geological Repositories. A small amount of funding is available to test instrumentation.

This is an open call with no deadline.


Primary Science Teacher Awards: 2014 Winner

Endorsed by the Geological Society and other learned societies, the awards recognise outstanding and inspirational teaching within the context of primary education in the UK school system.

The Education Committee was delighted to support the nomination of Sue Fielding in 2014.

""Find out more about the award