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Ask a Geologist

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Ask a Geologist

Ever wondered why so many of the southern continents point south?... Dug up something odd in the garden?... Ever thought that acid rain might be speeding up erosion?... What is the oldest thing in the world?... Can a crystal cure your bunion?...

If questions like this keep buzzing around in your head, "Ask a Geologist" could be just the service for you.  

Below are categories of the queries we have received so far - you can read the answers by clicking on the category titles:



& the Earth’s Crust


Earth's Climate


Earth Materials

Energy & Resources

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Natural Hazards



The Moon

Planetary Geology


What is it?


Building Stones 

Still Have a Question?

Ask us. We will try to answer any question you may have about the Earth, the planets, geological time, fossils, anything.  

We may not know the answer right away, but we will try to find someone who does from among our 10,000-strong Fellowship. 

Please note, we are unable to answer highly technical questions from scientists, or help you write your homework reports! 

How to ask

All you have to do is send an email to askageologist@
stating your question. If you have found something you would like identified, please attach a photo.

Alternatively, you can write with your question to:

    Ask a Geologist
    The Geological Society
    Burlington House
    London W1J 0BG

The best questions and answers will be published here and in the Society's monthly magazine, Geoscientist *.  If you want to add to any of our answers, or if you think we've got it wrong, send us an email!

(* Please note that in using this service you are agreeing to have your name, question and the answer published, and are waiving your claim to copyright in both text and images in favour of the Geological Society of London.)