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Sponsorship Policy

The Geological Society of London Sponsorship Statement

The Geological Society welcomes and will actively seek sponsorship from individuals, the public and private sector.

“Sponsorship” means payment by an organisation or individual in return for public association with a Geological Society activity, project or event. It can be in cash or in kind, and includes co-funding of projects.

Any sponsorship would be used to enhance the activities of the Society and would be governed by the following principles:-
  • The sponsorship agreement must be in writing and should set out unambiguously the responsibilities and expectations of each party, and the benefits each will receive. It should also include clauses covering its review and termination.
  • Any sponsorship must produce benefit for The Geological Society within its agreed strategic objectives and contribute to the public benefit delivered by the Society as a charity.
  • This benefit must outweigh any reputation or business risk for The Geological Society being associated with the sponsor.
  • The Geological Society will not endorse or give preference to sponsor products or viewpoints. Nor will the Society give any competitive advantage to any sponsor.
  • The Geological Society’s work and its key messages should not be influenced or contradicted by the sponsor. Any statement by the sponsor about its relationship with the Society, or use of the Society logos in sponsor advertising or publications showing images relating to Society activities, must be explicitly approved by the Society.
  • The Chair of the Development & Fundraising Committee will obtain approval from Council before approaching potential sponsors. Any proposed sponsorship over £100,000, or which is novel, or which may prove contentious, must be bought to Council for consideration.