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Science and External Relations Committee

At the 17 June 2015 meeting Council agreed to stand down the Science & External Relations Committee. For information on Science or External Relations please visit the individual committee pages.


  • To provide the Society with a coherent and forward-looking Science Policy to reflect its values, aims and objectives in conformance with Council's approved strategy.
  • To maintain a Science Policy that will inform a Science-led Communications Strategy.
  • To ensure that the Science Policy is reflected in all aspects of service to the Fellowship, primarily scientific conferences, meeting and events that will generate publications, to inform the broader scientific world and no-technical publics at large. 
  • To represent the Geosciences to no-techinical publics via links with external bodies including government and business, NGO's, other learned and professional bodies, open meetings, social networking, etc.
  • To represent and promote the Geosciences via an Educational Programme.

Terms of Reference

  • To draft a Science Policy for Council approval, to keep it under review and to update as circumstances require.
  • To define a Science-led Communications Strategy.
  • To prepare and deploy a Science-led Communications Strategy Implementation plan.
  • To identify strategic directions in the Geosciences to inform Council and to influence a science meetings programme.
  • To receive advice and comment from Council, the Science Committee and the External Relations Committee.
  • To implement and monitor the relevance and effectiveness of the ToR in delivering the Aims of SERC.


The SERC will be chaired alternately by the Secretary of Foreign and External Affairs and the Science Secretary. The committee will comprise Council members plus other Fellows with experience relevant to the work of the two reporting committees, Science (SC) and External Relations (ERC). ERC has two reporting committees, Education and Geoconservation, to be similarly constituted.

The Executive Secretary will attend all meetings of SERC, SC and ERC, the Head of Strategy and External Relations will attend meetings of SERC and ERC and the Conference Manager will attend meetings of SERC and SC.

Method of working

There will normally be two meetings of SERC per year, one of which will be virtual. The secretariat will be provided by the Head of Strategy and External Relations. 

Committee Members

Chairs (alternating)

  • Dr Marie Edmonds
  • Mr Michael Young

Other Members

  • Dr Sally Gibson


  • Ms Sarah Fray (Executive Secretary)
  • Mr Nic Bilham (Director of Policy and Communications)
  • Laura Griffiths (Acting Conference Manager)

Reporting Committees