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External Relations Committee


  • To raise public awareness and understanding of geoscience, and the professional activities of geoscientists, including the relevance of the science and profession in aiding policy and decision making concerning wealth creation, provision of resources, sustainability, environmental protection and conservation.
  • To consider nominations for Honrary Fellowship; and
  • To make recommendations to Council regarding these nominations.

Terms of reference

  • To promote and support geoscience education at all levels;
  • To promote and support geoconservation in the UK and internationally;
  • To foster an effective public image for the science and profession by managing the Society's external relations activities, and co-ordinating these with other bodies within science in general and geoscience in particular;
  • To foster a dialogue with the public and other stakeholders on the place and role of geoscience in society;
  • To develop the Society's relationships with officials and parliamentarians in Whitehall and Westminister, and in the devolved administrations in Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast;
  • To co-ordinate the Society's public statements, and responses to government and other consultations
  • To foster a mutually beneficial working relationship with the media;
  • To develop relationships with appropriate national and international learned and professional bodies.


The Secretary, Foreign & External Affairs will chair the External Relations Committee. The Committee membership will consist of up to four members of Council plus six other Fellows of the Society to be agreed by the Committee and Council. The ERC may also co-opt as many additional members as it sees fit, to adjust disciplinary balance and to obtain additional expertise in science communication of all kinds.  

The secretariat will be provided by the Executive Officer, who is a member of the Geological Society's staff at Burlington House.

The Executive Secretary, Director of Policy & Communications, the Earth Science Communicator and the Policy Officer will also attend meetings of the Committee.

Method of working

The External Relations Committee will meet no more than four times a year and may invite the attendance or advice of others as required. Three sub-committees report to the Committee: the Education Committee, the Joint Higher Education Committee and the GeoConservation Commission.

In addition, the Committee may establish small working groups from time to time to address particular issues.

Committee Members


  • Mr Michael Young

Council Members

  • Dr Marie Edmonds
  • Dr Sarah Gordon
  • Ms Naomi Jordan
  • Dr Rob Larter
  • Prof David Norbury

Other Members

  • Dr Colin Prosser
  • Dr Richard Bevins (Ch Geoconservation)
  • Ms Marie Fleming
  • Mr Joel Gill
  • Mr Mike Harris
  • Mr Pete Loader
  • Prof Bernie Vining
  • Prof John Ludden*
  • Prof Iain Stewart*
  • Dr Martin Smith
*corresponding members


  • Mr Nic Bilham (Director of Policy and Communications)
  • Ms Sarah Day (Earth Science Communicator)
  • Ms Florence Bullough (Policy Officer)
  • Mr George Jameson (External Relations Officer)

Reporting Committees