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Large Meteorite Impacts III

Product Code: USPE384
Series: GSA Special Papers
Author/Editor: Thomas Kenkmann, Friedrich Hörz, Alex Deutsch
Publication Date: 31 January 2005
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GSA Special Paper 384

The third volume of the series “Large Meteorite Impacts” provides an updated and comprehensive overview of modern impact crater research. In 26 chapters, more than 90 authors from Europe, the United States, Russia, Canada, and South Africa give a balanced, firsthand account of the multidisciplinary field of cratering science, with reports on field studies, geophysical analyses, and experimental and numerical simulations. Nine chapters focus on structure, geophysics, and cratering motions of terrestrial craters. Recent advances in impact ejecta studies and shock metamorphism are assembled, each with seven chapters, and three chapters extend the scope from a terrestrial to a planetary perspective.

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Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 0-8137-2384-1
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-0-8137-2384-6
Publisher: GSA
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 484
Weight: 1.46 kg


Preface • Terrestrial Craters: Structure, Geophysics, and Cratering Motions • 1. Impact structures: What does crater diameter mean? E.P. Turtle, E. Pierazzo, G.S. Collins, G.R. Osinski, H.J. Melosh, J.V. Morgan, and W.U. Reimold • 2. Magnetization on impact structures — Constraints from numerical modeling and petrophysics, H.A. Ugalde, N. Artemieva, and B. Milkereit • 3. Using vertical dikes as a new approach to constraining the size of buried craters: An example from Lake Wanapitei, Canada, E. L’Heureux, H. Ugalde, B. Milkereit, J. Boyce, W. Morris, N. Eyles, and N. Artemieva • 4. Enhancement of magnetic signatures of impact structures, D.R. Cowan and G.R.J. Cooper • 5. Is Ries crater typical for its size? An analysis based upon old and new geophysical data and numerical modeling, K. Wünnemann, J.V. Morgan, and H. Jödicke • 6. Structure and formation of a central uplift: A case study at the Upheaval Dome impact crater, Utah, T. Kenkmann, A. Jahn, D. Scherler, and B.A. Ivanov • 7. Eastern rim of the Chesapeake Bay impact crater: Morphology, stratigraphy, and structure, C.W. Poag • 8. Original diameter and depth of erosion of the Popigai impact crater, Russia, V.L. Masaitis, M.V. Naumov, and M.S. Mashchak • 9. Topography over the Chicxulub impact crater from Shuttle Radar Topography Mission data, G.L. Kinsland, K.O. Pope, M.Hurtado Cardador, G.R.J. Cooper, D.R. Cowan, M. Kobrick, and G. Sanchez • Terrestrial Craters: Ejecta Studies • 10. Recent research on the Chesapeake Bay impact structure, USA — Impact debris and reworked ejecta, J.W. Horton Jr., J.N. Aleinikoff, M.J. Kunk, G.S. Gohn, L.E. Edwards, J.M. Self-Trail, D.S. Powars, and G.A. Izett • 11. Chicxulub impact ejecta deposits in southern Quintana Roo, México, and central Belize, K.O. Pope, A.C. Ocampo, A.G. Fischer, F.J. Vega, D.E. Ames, D.T. King Jr., B.W. Fouke, R.J. Wachtman, and G. Kletetschka • 12. Chicxulub impact ejecta from the Cretaceous-Paleogene (K-P) boundary in northeastern Mexico, P. Schulte and A. Kontny • 13. Stable isotope record of post-impact fluid activity in the core of the Yaxcopoil-1 borehole, Chicxulub impact structure, Mexico, L. Zurcher, D.A. Kring, M.D. Barton, D. Dettman, and M. Rollog • 14. Linking large impacts, gas hydrates, and carbon isotope excursions through widespread sediment liquefaction and continental slope failure: The example of the K-T boundary event, S. Day and M. Maslin • 15. Late Devonian Alamo Impact, southern Nevada, USA: Evidence of size, marine site, and widespread effects, J.R. Morrow, C.A Sandberg, and A.G. Harris • 16. Are there signs of a large Paleocene impact, preserved around Disko Bay, West Greenland? Nuussuaq spherule beds origin by impact instead of volcanic eruption? A.P. Jones, A.T. Kearsley, C.R.L. Friend, E. Robin, A. Beard, A. Tamura, S. Trickett, and P. Claeys • Shock Metamorphism • 17. Distribution and origin of impact diamonds in the Ries crater, Germany, R.T. Schmitt, C. Lapke, C.M. Lingemann, M. Siebenschock, and D. Stöffler • 18. Planar microstructures and Dauphiné twins in shocked quartz from the Charlevoix impact structure, Canada C.A. Trepmann and J.G. Spray • 19. Shock pressure distribution in the Vredefort impact structure, South Africa, R.L. Gibson and W.U. Reimold • 20. Evaporative differentiation of impact-produced melts: Laser-simulation experiments and comparison with impact glasses from the Logoisk crater, M.V. Gerasimov, O.I. Yakovlev, Yu.P. Dikov, and F. Wlotzka • 21. Geochemistry of target rocks, impact-melt particles, and metallic spherules from Meteor Crater, Arizona: Empirical evidence on the impact process, D.W. Mittlefehldt, F. Hörz, T.H. See, E.R.D. Scott, and S.A. Mertzman • 22. Shock metamorphism of siliceous volcanic rocks of the El'gygytgyn impact crater (Chukotka, Russia), E.P. Gurov, C. Koeberl, W.U. Reimold, F. Brandstätter, and K. Amare • 23. Experimentally shock-loaded anhydrite: Unit-cell dimensions, microstrain, and domain size from X-ray powder diffraction, R. Skála, F.P. Hörz, and F. Langenhorst • The Planetary Perspective • 24. Giant impact-induced blow-off of primordial atmosphere, S. Ni and T.J. Ahrens • 25. A review of Martian impact crater ejecta structures and their implications for target properties, N.G. Barlow • 26. Starting conditions for hydrothermal systems underneath Martian craters: Hydrocode modeling, E. Pierazzo, N.A. Artemieva, and B.A. Ivanov • Index 


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