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Exploring the Earth’s Crust—History and Results of Controlled-Source Seismology

Product Code: UMR208
Series: GSA Memoirs
Author/Editor: by Claus Prodehl and Walter D. Mooney
Publication Date: 01 May 2012
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GSA Memoir 208.

This volume contains a comprehensive, worldwide history of seismological studies of the Earth’s crust using controlled sources from 1850 to 2005. Essentially all major seismic projects on land and the most important oceanic projects are covered. The time period 1850 to 1939 is presented as a general synthesis, and from 1940 onward the history and results are presented in separate chapters for each decade, with the material organized by geographical region. Each chapter highlights the major advances achieved during that decade in terms of data acquisition, processing technology, and interpretation methods. For all major seismic projects, the authors provide specific details on field observations, interpreted crustal cross sections, and key references. They conclude with global and continental-scale maps of all field measurements and interpreted Moho contours. An accompanying DVD contains important out-of-print publications and an extensive collection of controlled-source data, location maps, and crustal cross sections.

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Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9780813712086
Publisher: GSA
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 764
Weight: 2.58 kg




Chapter 1: Introduction and Acknowledgments

Chapter 2: History of Controlled-Source Seismology—A Brief Summary

Chapter 3: The First 100 Years (1845–1945)

Chapter 4: The 1940s (1940–1950)

Chapter 5: The 1950s (1950–1960)

Chapter 6: The 1960s (1960–1970)

Chapter 7: The 1970s (1970–1980)

Chapter 8: The 1980s (1980–1990)

Chapter 9: The 1990s (1990–2000)

Chapter 10: The Twenty-first Century (2000–2005)

References Cited

Appendix on Accompanying DVD

Data and Information for Chapter 2

Data and Information for Chapter 3

Data and Information for Chapter 4

Data and Information for Chapter 5

Data and Information for Chapter 6

Data and Information for Chapter 7

Data and Information for Chapter 8

Data and Information for Chapter 9

Data and Information for Chapter 10


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