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Geologic Evolution of the Mojave Desert and Southwestern Basin and Range

Product Code: UMR195
Series: GSA Memoirs
Author/Editor: Allen F. Glazner, J. Douglas Walker, John M. Bartley
Publication Date: 13 July 2001
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GSA Memoir 195

The geologic evolution of the Mojave Desert and Southwestern Basin and Range provinces has long been a puzzle, in spite of its key position at the junction of several important tectonic provinces. The 16 contributions in this volume clarify this enigmatic history and range from field geologic studies to seismologic, seismic reflection, and gravity interpretation. Several contributions discuss the heretofore poorly known geology and geophysics of military bases. The volume includes a 1:250 000 geologic map encompassing the region from the central Mojave Desert to the Coso Range, and a CD-ROM with 10 detailed geologic maps and the compilation map in both graphical and geographic information system format

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Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 0-8137-1195-9
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-0-8137-1195-9
Publisher: GSA
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 314
Weight: 1.75 kg


Preface • 1. Late Paleozoic to Mesozoic development of the Mojave Desert and environs, California, J. Douglas Walker, Mark W. Martin, and Allen F. Glazner • 2. Cenozoic evolution of the Mojave block of southern California, Allen F. Glazner, J. Douglas Walker, John M. Bartley, and John M. Fletcher • 3. Timing of Middle to Late Jurrassic ductile deformation and implications for paleotectonic setting, Shadow Mountains, western Mojave Desert, California, Mark W. Martin, J. Douglas Walker, and John M. Fletcher • 4. Mesozoic geologic evolution of Alvord Mountain, central Mojave Desert, California, Jonathan S. Miller and J. Douglas Walker • 5. Extensional arc setting and ages of Middle Jurassic eolianites, Cowhole Mountains (eastern Mojave Desert block, California), Cathy J. Busby, Elizabeth R. Schermer, and James M. Mattinson • 6. Paleogeographic and tectonic implications of Jurassic sedimentary and volcanic sequences in the central Mojave block, Elizabeth R. Schermer, Cathy J. Busby, and James M. Mattinson • 7. Extent and significance of the Independence dike swarm, eastern California, Brian S. Carl and Allen F. Glazner • 8. Cretaceous arc tectonism in the Mojave block: Profound crustal modification that controlled subsequent tectonic regimes, John M. Fletcher, Jonathan S. Miller, Mark W. Martin, Stefan S. Boettcher, Allen F. Glazner, and John M. Bartley • 9. Stratigraphy and geochemistry of volcanic rocks in the Lava Mountains, California: Implications for the Miocene development of the Garlock Fault, Eugene I. Smith, Alexander S?nchez, Deborah L. Keenan, and Francis C. Monastero • 10. Late Cenozoic crustal contraction in the Kramer Hills, west-central Mojave Desert, California, Jonathan K. Linn, J. Douglas Walker, and John M. Bartley • 11. Late Cenozoic tectonic evolution of the north-central Mojave Desert inferred from fault history and physiographic evolution of the Fort Irwin area, California, David M. Miller and James C. Yount • 12. Neogene evolution of the Indian Wells Valley, east-central California, Francis C. Monastero, J. Douglas Walker, Allan M. Katzenstein, and Andrew E. Sabin • 13. Three-dimensional gravity modeling and crustal-density variations, Panamint Range to the eastern Sierra Nevada, southeastern California, Ross A. Black, J. Douglas Walker, and Gregory S. Baker • 14. Seismicity and seismic stress in the Coso Range, Coso geothermal field, and Indian Wells Valley region, southeast-central California, Joydeep Bhattacharyya and Jonathan M. Lees • 15. Three-dimensional anatomy of a geothermal field, Coso, southeast-central California, Jonathan M. Lees • 16. Seismotectonics of the Coso Range-Indian Wells Valley region, California: Transtensional deformation along the southeastern margin of the Sierran microplate, Jeffrey R. Unruh, Egill Hauksson, Francis C. Monastero, Robert J. Twiss, and Jonathan C. Lewis • 17. Geologic map of northern Mojave Desert and southwestern Basin and Range, California: Compilation method and references, J. Douglas Walker, Adrian K. Berry, Patrick J. Davis, Joseph E. Andrew, and John M. Mitsdarfer • 18. Geologic maps of the northern Mojave Desert and southwestern Basin and Range Province, California: Explanation of maps on CD-ROM, J. Douglas Walker, Ross A. Black, Adrian K. Berry, Patrick J. Davis, Joseph E. Andrew, and John M. Mitsdarfer • Index 


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