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Quaternary Glaciation in the Mediterranean Mountains

Product Code: SP433
Series: GSL Special Publications
Author/Editor: Edited by P.D. Hughes and J.C. Woodward
Publication Date: 02 February 2017
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Special Publication 433

The mountains of the Mediterranean world are now largely ice free, but many were repeatedly glaciated during the Quaternary ice age. This created spectacular glaciated landscapes with a rich array of glacial deposits and landforms. The glacial and glacio-fluvial records are often very well preserved and our understanding of the timing of Quaternary glaciation has very recently been transformed through the application of dating methods utilizing uranium-series and cosmogenic isotopes. Glacial records from the Mediterranean now boast some of the most robust chronologies for mountain glaciation anywhere in the world – they represent a unique archive of Quaternary environmental change of global significance. The southerly latitude and relatively small size of Mediterranean glaciers rendered them especially sensitive to Pleistocene and Holocene climate changes. This volume brings together the leading researchers and the latest research on Mediterranean glaciation. Several papers also explore glacier behaviour in the Holocene – including those glaciers of southernmost Europe at risk of disappearing this century.

Published online 04/01/2017. Print copies available from 02/02/2017.

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Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781862397477
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 328
Weight: 0.89 kg




HUGHES, P. D. & WOODWARD, J. C. Quaternary glaciation in the Mediterranean mountains: a new Synthesis         

HANNAH, G., HUGHES, P. D. & GIBBARD, P. L. Pleistocene plateau ice fields in the High Atlas, Morocco

SERRANO, E., GONZÁLEZ-TRUEBA, J. J., PELLITERO, R. & GÓMEZ-LENDE, M. Quaternary glacial history of the Cantabrian Mountains of northern Spain: a new synthesis    

PALACIOS, D., DE ANDRÉS, N., GÓMEZ-ORTIZ, A. & GARCÍA-RUIZ, J. M. Evidence of glacial activity during the Oldest Dryas in the mountains of Spain          

TURU, V., CALVET, M., BORDONAU, J., GUNNELL, Y., DELMAS, M., MANUEL VILAPLANA, J. & JALUT, G. Did Pyrenean glaciers dance to the beat of global climatic events? Evidence from the Wu¨rmian sequence stratigraphy of an ice-dammed palaeolake depocentre in Andorra           

FEDERICI, P. R., RIBOLINI, A. & SPAGNOLO, M. Glacial history of the Maritime Alps from the Last Glacial Maximum to the Little Ice Age    

GIRAUDI, C. & GIACCIO, B. Middle Pleistocene glaciations in the Apennines, Italy: new chronological data and preservation of the glacial record    

FERK, M., GABROVEC, M., KOMAC, B., ZORN, M. & STEPIŠNIK, U. Pleistocene glaciation in Mediterranean  Slovenia        

ADAMSON, K. R., WOODWARD, J. C., HUGHES, P. D., GIGLIO, F. & DEL BIANCO, F. Middle Pleistocene glaciation, alluvial fan development and sea-level changes in the Bay of Kotor, Montenegro          

POPE, R. J., HUGHES, P. D. & SKOURTSOS, E. Glacial history of Mt Chelmos, Peloponnesus, Greece

BATHRELLOS, G. D., SKILODIMOU, H. D. & MAROUKIAN, H. The significance of tectonism in the glaciations of Greece        

AKÇAR, N., YAVUZ, V., YEŞILYURT, S., IVY-OCHS, S., REBER, R., BAYRAKDAR, C., KUBIK, P. W., ZAHNO, C., SCHLUNEGGER, F. & SCHLÜCHTER, C. Synchronous Last Glacial Maximum across the Anatolian peninsula      

ÇINER, A. & SARIKAYA, M. A. Cosmogenic 36Cl geochronology of late Quaternary glaciers in the Bolkar Mountains, south central Turkey         

SARIKAYA, M. A. & ÇINER, A. Late Quaternary glaciations in the eastern Mediterranean




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