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3-D Structural Interpretation: Earth, Mind, and Machine

Product Code: 1280
Series: AAPG Memoirs
Author/Editor: Edited by Bob Krantz, Carol Ormand and Brett Freeman
Publication Date: 05 September 2016
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AAPG Memoir 111.

Three-dimensional geologic interpretation of surface and subsurface data requires integration and application of both geologic knowledge and spatial cognitive skills. Much surface geologic mapping still employs pen and paper techniques, but subsurface interpretation is usually accomplished using sophisticated visualization software. In both cases, successful interpreters use mental models that bridge internal and external forms of 3-D visualization to construct 3-D geologic interpretations.

This volume sets out to understand more about the convergence of geology, 3-D thinking, and software, which collectively provide the basis for truly effective interpretation strategies. It should appeal to all geologic interpreters, and especially those who investigate and teach interpretation skills.

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Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9780891813910
Publisher: AAPG
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 237
Weight: 1.3 kg


Chapter 1: Learning from the 2013 3-D Interpretation Hedberg Conference: How Geoscientists See 3-D, Bob Krantz, Carol Ormand, and Brett Freeman

Chapter 2: Training Spatial Skills in Geosciences: A Review of Tests and Tools, Kristin M. Gagnier, Thomas F. Shipley, Basil Tikoff, Bridget C. Garnier, Carol Ormand, Kinnari Atit, and Ilyse Resnick

Chapter 3: Visual Metaphors in Structural Geology: A Means for Enhancing 3-D Visualization, George H. Davis and David Fischer

Chapter 4: Visible Geology: Creative Online Tools for Teaching, Learning, and Communicating Geologic  Concepts, Rowan Cockett, Tara Moran, and Adam Pidlisecky

Chapter 5: Spatial Skills in Expert Structural Geologists, Margaret R. Tarampi, Kinnari Atit, Heather L. Petcovic, Thomas F. Shipley, and Mary Hegarty

Chapter 6: Structural Interpretation of Seismic Geologic Reality, Perspective, and 3-D Thinking, Peter Boult, Brett Freeman, and Graham Yielding

Chapter 7: Subsurface Structural Interpretation: The Significance of 3-D Structural Frameworks, Bob Krantz and Thomas Neely

Chapter 8: Insight on Mechanical Stratigraphy and Subsurface Interpretation, Ronald N. McGinnis, David A. Ferrill, Alan P. Morris, and Kevin J. Smart

Chapter 9: Evolution of the Hat Creek Fault System, Northern California, Simon A. Kattenhorn, Robert W. Krantz, Erin L. Walker and Matthew W. Blakeslee

Chapter 10: 3-D Seismic-Structural Workflows – Examples Using the Hat Creek Fault System, Graham Yielding and Brett Freeman

Chapter 11: Earth, Mind, and Paper: Field Sketches as Expert Representations of the Hat Creek Fault Zone, Heather L. Petcovic, Carol J. Ormand, and Bob Krantz

Chapter 12: Increasing Interpreter Capability in Structurally Complex Settings through Combined Fieldwork, Interpretation, and Geocellular Modeling, John G. Solum, Stephen J. Jolley, and Benjamin D. Meyer

Chapter 13: Linking Cognitive Science and Disciplinary Geoscience Practice: The Importance of the Conceptual Model, Thomas F. Shipley and Basil Tikoff


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