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The Eagle Ford Shale: A Renaissance in U.S. Oil Production

Product Code: 1268
Series: AAPG Memoirs
Author/Editor: Edited by John Breyer
Publication Date: 08 August 2016
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AAPG Memoir 110

This hardback book contains 11 extended abstracts (64 pages). The included DVD contains the full chapters in PDF format (389 pages).


Known as a world-class source rock for years, the Eagle Ford Shale became a world-class oil reservoir early in the second decade of the 21st century. Oil production from the Eagle Ford grew from 352 barrels of oil per day (BOPD) in 2008 to over 1.7 million BOPD in March 2015.

Since then, the play has been a victim of its own success. Production from shale oil in the United States has helped contribute to a glut in world oil supply that led to a precipitous drop in oil prices beginning in the summer of 2014. As prices fell from over $100 per barrel in July 2014, to less than $30 per barrel in January 2016, production from the Eagle Ford declined over 500,000 BOPD. Anyone interested in the geology behind this remarkable play and the new ideas that reshaped the global energy supply should read this book.


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Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9780891813903
Publisher: AAPG
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 64
Weight: 0.75 kg


Chapter 1 Part 1: Biostratigraphic and Geochemical Constraints on the Stratigraphy and Depositional Environments of the Eagle Ford and Woodbine Groups of Texas, Richard A. Denne, John A. Breyer, Tobi H. Kosanke, Joan M. Spaw, Arden D. Callender, Russell E. Hinote, Mohsen Kariminia, Nataliya Tur, Zachary Kita, Jackie A. Lees, and Harry Rowe

Chapter 1 Part 2: Regional Depositional Episodes of the Cenomanian–Turonian Eagle Ford and Woodbine Groups of Texas, Richard A. Denne and John A. Breyer

Chapter 2: Petroleum Geochemistry of the Cenomanian–Turonian Eagle Ford Oils of South Texas, John Zumberge, Harold Illich, and Lowell Waite

Chapter 3: An SEM Study of Porosity in the Eagle Ford Shale of Texas—Pore Types and Porosity Distribution in a Depositional and Sequence-stratigraphic Context, Juergen Schieber, Remus Lazar, Kevin Bohacs, Robert Klimentidis, Mirela Dumitrescu, and Jeff Ottmann

Chapter 4: Delineation of an Oil Window—An Integrated Approach, Roberto Alaniz, Robert Garrison, Ryan Harbor, Steven Keenan, and Chester Pieprzica

Chapter 5: Assessing Well Performance in a Prolific Liquids-rich Shale Play—An Eagle Ford Case Study, Paul R. Clarke, Douglas H. Portis, Gervasio J. Barzola, Hector Bello, and Neil K. Basu

Chapter 6: Seismic Attributes: Exploiting Seismic Data to Understand Heterogeneous Reservoir Performance in the Eagle Ford Shale, South Texas, U.S.A., Kit Clemons, Hector Bello, Robert Bodziak, Matthew McChesney, Robert Meek, and Andy Stephens

Chapter 7: Chemostratigraphic Variability of the Eagle Ford Shale, South Texas: Insights into Paleoredox and Sedimentary Facies Changes, Beau M. Tinnin and Shariva T. R. Darmaoen

Chapter 8: Geological Controls on Matrix Permeability of the Eagle Ford Shale (Cretaceous), South Texas, U.S.A., Tobi Kosanke and Anne Warren

Chapter 9: Findings from the Eagle Ford Outcrops of West Texas and Implications to the Subsurface of South Texas, Arthur D. Donovan, T. Scott Staerker, Rand Gardner, Michael C. Pope, Aris Pramudito, and Matthew Wehner

Chapter 10: The Role of Integrated Reservoir Petrophysics in Horizontal Well Evaluations to Increase Production in the Eagle Ford Shale, Kevin B. Fisher

Chapter 11: Facies, Fractures, Pressure, and Production in the Eagle Ford Shale (Cretaceous) between the San Marcos Arch and the Maverick Basin, Texas, U.S.A., John A. Breyer, Richard A. Denne, Tobi Kosanke, Joan M. Spaw, Jonathan Funk, Pete Christianson, Debbie A. Bush, and Ronald A. Nelson


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